Monday, 20 October 2014

Round Up: Blog Loving!

Welcome to the new home of Fyberspates blogging!

To kick us off, we're recommending some essential reading from some of our favourite blogs from our retailers:

Best for How To's = LoveKnitting. Amongst other great features, we love the how to's and tutorials that are helping show you some of the best knitting techniques in a really visual and easy to understand way. Perfect for beginner knitters and crafters.

Best for Knitting Community = This is Knit. A great blog that contains everything you need to know about this lovely Irish shop, it's surroundings and community. A lovely read with a cup of tea!

Best for Interviews and Features = Knit with Attitude. From WoolandtheGang to the latest happening in London, Maya B brings as many insights as possible into our favourite members of the knit community with a particular focus on sustainability and ethical fashion.

Best Eye Candy/ Inspirational = Tity Tyy. Everything about this blog just makes us want to knit, stash, crochet and more. A really inspirational blog that is worth adding to your RSS for the endless ideas and blissful pictures.

Best for Pattern Ideas = Wereldwol. Each product that's stocked at this lovely store gets a full feature on a regular basis with fresh ideas for what to make. It certainly keeps us crafting!

So what's your favourite blog? Have you been following a great knitting blogger for a while you'd like to tell us about? Let us know over on Facebook- we're about to collect some of our favourites!

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