Wednesday, 21 December 2011

2012 is gonna rock!

We have so many exciting things happening in January I just don't know where to start!

Firstly on Jan 1st we are launching our new range of Ysolda Teague inspired yarn colours; 6 stunning colours; 2 lace, 2 4ply and 2 aran.


To accompany these gorgeous yarns Ysolda is publishing a collection called Saturday Treat lovely patterns to accompany the yarns.... whoop whoop, gorgeous lovely things....

Saturday treat image - lys newsletter2

Secondly the lovely Carol Feller has published Scrumptious knits....8 stunning designs to accompany various weights of scrumptious. We will be distributing and selling these books from mid Jan:


Thirdly.....we have the CUTEST baby book in the world being published by Fyberspates for Scrumptious...... Boy are those baby patterns cute, you should start to see some yummy adverts in Magazines very soon if not already.....


So there we have it.... some truly exciting things happening, we are also proud to be attending TNNA in the USA with our US distributor Lanternmoon in January and in June, and we will be exhibiting in Handarbeit in March for the first time....we are really going global :D

Happy holidays peeps

jeni xx