Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Morning campers!


Right, lots of things to tell today,

Sock club sign ups are going great, its a great deal and would make the most fabulous christmas present for a sock lover. click here for details. Not only that but because there is a free shipping option for the sock club, that also means that you can use the free shopping option for other purchases. Yep, that would be FREE SHIPPING on everything hey I've only just discovered this colour lark!

Next! I'm on radio 4 on the 12th at 3.45 in the afternoon. There is a series of knitting programmes on Radio 4 from Monday the 11th to Thursday the 14th at 3.45, they are for 15 minutes, and are really interesting, especially the one on Tuesday because I'm on it!!!! YAY!!!!! I'm probably only saying one word, but hey you never know, the focus is knitting and therapy. If its archived, i'll link to it for you guys who can't listen.

Hmm, what else? I had the most wonderful realisation on Monday that I actually have my own house, I couldn't believe it, I've been wallowing around in my misery from the past 8 months, I hadn't even noticed really. How bizarre is that? I think that means I'm coming out the other side quite successfully and a little bit more grown up.

New yarns for January have been ordered, its really quite alot, something like 420 kilo's. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Been knitting like a demon, mainly because I need a new cardigan, so I though I would finish one which has been going for at least 10 months, its a noro one, only had one sleeve to do!! Odlly noro is the only yarn I will actually always buy for the rest of my life. Had a huge urge to get dyeing some fyber (a new silk silk and wool blend I had made which will be in the shop on monday) and taking my spinning wheel to Sp's over christmas to spin my self some self striping wool for a cardi or something, haven't felt that creative for months, man I have to try and stay calm :-)

Also knitting a sock in one of my new yarns, its striping up lovely:


I'm sure there was something else...........

Ahh! Thats it, dyeing wool on saturday for massive update for christmas gifts on monday. Keep an eye out. ;-)

J xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Sock Club

Right so finally I thought I'd do a sock club seeing as a few people have been asking me to and after all socks is what I do the best.

So here are the details:

This sock club runs from January to March which makes it perfect for christmas presents!!

What do you get for your £25 (UK) or £30 (US and Europe)?

One 100gm hand dyed skein of sock yarn each month for three months from the new range of fyberspates sock yarn:

1 x Bluefaced sock yarn
1 x Alpaca sock yarn
1 x squishy merino sock yarn.

Each skein will be accompanied by a pattern, and you also get 1 keychain sock blocker with your first parcel, to use up all your odds and sods of sock yarn.

This will be delivered to your door by the 10th of each month. Postage is included in the price so make sure you choose the flat rate shipping option (£0.00).

Not bad huh?

Go on then what are you waiting for? Click here

** added later**** if you would like to buy this for a christmas present for someone, I can send you a pretty fyberspates voucher for the sock club you can give someone in a card.  You need to give me alternate address details though when you order.

Monday, 20 November 2006


Yeah, finally I managed some pics, I took the day off work sick today because I been really sick, I've just slept most of it, but did manage to take a couple of pics of new yarns and sophie. :-)

So here is one eyed soph:


Shes wonderful, but very fidgety! Its so hard to get her to sit still for a photo! I nearly had to bribe her with some sardines.

Right, not onto you know I've been getting some yarns dyed, they are in the colours I choose:


There is a bright green one as well. From the left is the army colours is an aran, the blue is a chunky aran, the next is squishy, this is amazing, the 4th is fiesta, in the superwash merino, the fitfh, oh this one is my fav in periwinkle is 55% wool and 45% silk, its amazing, here's a closeup:


I can't wait to dye some of this stuff its so luxurious!

They will be available in the webshop each yarn in its specific colour and then in Janaury they will be avaibaible in each colour in each type. I'm telling you that silk is amazing. I'm going to start with a clapotis.

Ok thats it, i'm off to cuddle up with soph on the sofa with a fruit tea that won't upset my stomach. :-/

J x

Thursday, 16 November 2006


Its hard to think of titles for posts you know!

Right so, guess what? I have a cat!!!! A beauftiful tabby one eyed female cat called Sophie. Sp Was given two cats, both with one eye! and they didn't get on too well in his flat, so Sophie being a very sociable cat, (I mean sociable, she's positviely a tart), fits perfectly into my noisy and busy household. She got out of her carrier, wandered around. Meowed for food, ate and then joined the party that was being held in my house last night, gettting cuddles and strokes where ever she could find it. I've never known a cat to do that before, when we moved house with sage, he wouldn't leave the top of the stairs for 3 days.

I promise some photo's soon!! Honest! No really!

Not too sure why I put my photo on the side, I like the silly face I'm pulling , Sole says I look like a cheeky child, which was the intention really. I keep having to send them to mags, so I'm trialing out the cheekiest photo's I can get away with. I think I'll do a doctor evil one with soph!!

J x

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Shortened version.

1. Jody Long, a designer came to stay on monday, we knitted and chatted and he helped me with a million things, it was fabulous. He's designed some things for my yarns, especially baby things!! YAY! I'll be writing alot more about him in the future, I think we'll working together alot. *added later* Jody Long will not be working for fyberspates.

2. Have new space dyed yarns, loving them sooooooooo much. Pics later.

3. Making wholesale packs up to get out by end of week.

4. Sock club coming, have some nice new types of sock yarns!

5. Finished those socks for the mag, lets just say it was the quickest pair of socks I have ever knitted. Ever.

6. Need to get everything done by friday so I can acutally have a rest at the weekend. I need not to think any more about wool for a day. Just a day. Might have to be knitting my new silk/wool yarn though. OH yeah baby yeah! I guess I'm never gonna have another day in my life where wool doesn't appear somehow, I think I eat as much wool as I knit.

7. SP has adopted two cats!!! They are lovely, both have one eye only on the opposite side. I will def take  a squillion photo's soon.

8. I need some prawn and mayo sandwiches Now. Getting such a huge craving for them recently. No, not that kind of craving.

Thursday, 9 November 2006


Madness I tell you, complete madness!!!

Things have settled down emotionally at Hewlett HQ (I'm back to being Hewlett again, as you will tell as you read this post, I'm back to my manic self). Goodness knows how many names I will have in this lifetime with my relationship karma. J LO doesn't change her name, so nor will I ;-), suffice to say I'm sticking with my original from now on. No More 'Mrs Brown', I shall be the mysterious 'Ms Hewlett' again. Not that I'm that mysterious once I open my mouth.

People who won yarn have not all emailed me their addresses yet.

Is it possible to knit a pair of socks by Tuesday? It is for a magazine after all, so I think thats motivation enough don't you? Will have photo later of new designed top down jumper I'm working on, loving it very much.

What else? Oh just very very small and not particularly exciting NOT! thing, is arriving on Sunday................ONLY MY NEW YARNS FOR WHOLESALE some of which are my own, wools, mohair I tell you!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (thats meant to sound like when your falling down a very deep and dark hole)

Yes I know I write like an eight year old, but believe it or not I talk exactly as I write. As for spelling and grammar, 'Does this look like a bothered face?'.


Monday, 6 November 2006

Thanks so much everyone!!! You are amazing! I really apprecaite all the feedback you have given me!

I picked names randomly: the following 5 people win yarn, please send me your address to fybersaptesATbtinternetDOTcom:,  Keri, Lisa, Erssie, Hazel.

Right so I need a major overhaul of the site, so I'll be updating it as the week goes on. I've already added a load of sock weight yarn........I think I just might have a little too much, there are actually two pages of it, and thats not all of it! I've got a new superwash merino yarn which is extremely soft, its the one Sole loves, I've dyed some extra large skeins because people can make garments out of it, its great next to your skin. I can always do larger dyelots of any of the wools as well. I also sorted the kits out, its a bit better now


Also I've been thinking from one suggestion that Hannah made, I'm going to start a sock club, I am always expanding my range of sock yarns so I think that might be a nice idea. I'll finalise the details and then introduce it when the shop is up and ready. How exciting!

Thanks guys!!!!!!!

I've had the weirdest week. Its been dreadful in terms of not feeling so good, but amazing in that I've just been doing such great stuff! Went to see Gogol Bordello (gypsy punk music, if thats any help) in Concert in Birmingham on thursday night which was a suprise from SP, it was the best concert I've ever been to alot heavier than the normal music I listen to, but I just loved it! Oddly I fitted in seamlessly, I didn't realise I dressed quite punky alot of the time, I think the real me is coming out! I need to knit some more punky jumpers I think. Desiging like mad at the moment, and have a cutie pie designer just joined the team, what with Elly, Andy, and now Jody, and my knitters, its starting to be fun and busy! Hence needing to overhaul everything and get things moving.

My lovely freind Philip came at the weekend to stay and we had the most wonderful time, just so much talking and more talking, and some dyeing of course! We also went to see his Nephew in Battle of the bands last night in Clwb Ifor Bach, it was so cool, although I hate heavy metal, which constitiuted a fairly large proportion of the entries, I just do not get it. Alex's band though was fantastic, I need to try and rememer the name.

J xx