Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Blimey what a year, and what an amazing last couple of months!!! I have loved every minute of it, the expanding of the business has meant some growing pains, and some steep learning curves, I don't get everything right but I try very hard to, and its meant some serious learning, even in the last 3 weeks, we have had a very steep learning curve. And the one thing I love is to keep learning and make changes and adapt to make things better, that for me this is exciting, and I love it that my customers seem to come on my journey with me, so thanks to all my customers this year, and all of my wholesale customers, its been a cracking year!

Next year, also sees a number of changes to Fyberspates in the way it operates and to manage the growth successfully, it will mean being a little less flexible about somethings, but that's the balance you have to strike and I am looking forward to that. Early Jan sees a whole restructuring of the unit ready for the change in wholesale =  no more commission dyeing for wholesale, simply a huge range of off the shelf (still one off's, unique), but its got to become more manageable for us, this will be launched in late January.

I am also hoping to do TNNA in the summer in the USA, and also might be going to meet a US distributor to organise that in late jan, fingers crossed :)

So, I its my last day today in the unit, and at work, I am having a proper length of time off for the first time in a few years. I am very very excited, I have a feeling I will sleep most of it. I will be back on the 4th of Jan refreshed and ready to go and tell you about all my plans.

Thanks loads everyone for your adorable support and fabulous smiles,

Happy Holidays and Happy new year.


Friday, 18 December 2009

Imps in the wood and flowers

ok, I totally over did the said colours today on the update becuase I get asked all the time for them, so here they are in abundance....

here are some of my favs for today:

Infinity lace in imps in the wood.

Group 4 019 

Scrumptious 4ply in the same.

Group 4 025

Sheilas sock in kingfisher

Group 3 002 

Scrumptious 4ply in pansy....

Group 3 010

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Last update of the year - tomorrow

OK, this week has been mad and very very cold, I have got no heating in my workshop and its about 3 degrees, mainly because of all the holes in the roof, strangely I never noticed those in the summer, lol.  I am layered up with clothes to the hilt so its bearable, and seeing as I used to dye outside even in the winter, its good at least not to be rained on hahahahaha!!!

So I am updating the shop,  and it will go online in the morning hopefully all in one go, if I get the photos done tonight, and then tomorrow Brian and I are planning our plan of attack for January, new equipment, new setup, new heating, new drying, new storage, NEW EVERYTHING. And the aim will be the only off the shelf wholesaler indie dyer with a Masive choice, its gonna be VERY VERY exciting.

So guess what??? For the first year in 3 years I am having Christmas holidays off, yup a whole 10 days, no dyeing or packaging or anything.

Last packing day is tomorrow for delivery before Christmas, BUT YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ORDER IN BEFORE 3PM. I will be posting things on Monday and Tuesday too, because my extraction and ventilation is being installed, but that's it then, no more posting until JAN 4TH. I definitely need some time off.


Monday, 14 December 2009

Launching new Wholesale package and ohhh sparkle fibre.....

I am really excited, I have wanted an alternative approach to wholesale for a little while now, I know exactly how I want it, but it takes some extra pairs of hands and storage....oh I have them now hahahahahaha.

Obviously most people have stocks of the things they wholesale and then they sell everything from their stocks with hand dyeing its not so easy to do that, but, I am confident that after doing it for a long time now,  that I can figure out which colours shops will like. So in the third week of January I will be launching a new section for the website where wholesale customers will be able to order yarn that is in stock, they will be able to see the photo's and what makes it even more fun is that all the yarn will be one offs, I will still offer custom dyeing, but there will be a premium for it for wholesale, not retail

If you are already a stockist of Fyberspates hand dyed, then you will get information on this automatically,  if you want to be a stockist please email me for more information and samples.

I am so so so excited, I really want to operate  a much smoother way of doing wholesale that doesn't make me stressed, and we can also ensure the quality control is absolutely at its maximum.

It will mean a big change in the way of working around here, but I am having alot of things changed in the unit, things built etc etc, and it reflects the increase in production, so its all good.

It won't make any difference to the retail side, apart from perhaps more yarn every week, but thats all good init ;)

Oh and I had a letter to say the sparkle FIBRE is on the way, yeah thats right fibre with silk merino and sterling Silver in it.........how absolutely exciting is that huh? oh and I ordered loads of it ;)


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Whohoooooo - clubs are up!!!!

So medarlins,  the clubs are now up in the Shop, places are limited to make it manageable!!!

I am thinking about doing a project club, BUT I have to have the designs completed first before I launch it, so that will go on in the spring.

Currently the jumper club is for UK  only, but if you want it shipped over seas, please email me for a shipping supplement price.

If you want the club for a present, I can email you a club membership page you can print out and put in a card.

Many thanks!!!


Friday, 4 December 2009

Shop update

I haven't finished the shop update, but I will have to continue tomorrow as I have to go, BUT there are lots more treats.

My absolute fav this week are these two:

Ethereal in Gold silver and bronze and the same in Scrumptious 4ply...

Iphone 159

Iphone 154

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New clubs for 2010

OK, after much deliberation, planning and outsourcing the gorgeous organising of clubs I have the absolute pleasure to announce the club lineups for early 2010. They will start in February and be shipped on a monthly basis (apart from the Jumper club), because I will be working a month ahead as Jo will be doing all the packing and sending.

They will go on sale Next week, for 4 weeks till the 7th of Jan, there are limited places and the signups will close once the limit is reached, or the 7th of January, which ever comes first. 

I had the absolute luxury of choosing what ever I wanted because I am going to be the most wonderful bit... the dyeing!!!

With each club, you allowed to choose whether you want semisolids, or multi coloured, I really don't mind, with the Jumper club you can choose your colours too.

PLEASE NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS you get 15% of of the price of the club prices quoted here, because VAT at 15% is deducted at the checkout

OK lets begin with the new clubs.....

3 month LUXURY yarn club

Price: £58 for UK, £60 for Europe £62 for the rest of the world.

100gms of Ethereal (65% cashmere, 35% Silk)

100gms of Faery Wings (silk /kid mohair)

100gms of Nef 4ply

3 bi monthly Aran Jumper club  enough for 3 sweaters! AND  you get to choose the colours for this one...

This club comes per size, so you can join selecting the number of hanks you want for 3 months.

For example, you can have the 500gm a month, or 600gm, 700gmm etc, up to 1500 or higher if you want, there really is no restriction on this, I can dye larger dyelots.

One month you get scrumptious aran, next month you get Sheilas aran, and the following month you get the organic aran.


500gm club:  £140

600gm club: £176

Please add on £25 for every 100gm size added.

Shipping is charged at approximately 10 -15  pounds for the uk. No higher than 15 for an size.

For shipping to the USA and Europe, please emial me for the prices, the shop will automatically calculate the shipping.

3 month Sparkle sock club 

Price£50 for the UK, £52 for Europe, £54 for the USA

3 X 100gm, 100gm per month.

3 month Lace club

Price: £45 for the UK, £47 for Europe, and £49 for the USA

1 x tia lace

1 x Nef lace

1 x Merino Silk

Sheilas sock club

Price: £36 for the UK, £38 for Europe, £40 for the USA

3 x 100gm of sheilas sock

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I have a little helper called Brian :)

Right, the shop stock has got ridiculously low, its all selling rather fast!!!!!

  So this week there will be absolutely loads on the update, and I have a new helper to help me with the dyeing, and his name is Brian, very exciting. I need to clear some wholesale orders this week to get them to shops before we run out of shopping time, and I can't do it on my own.

So if you have any requests, please let me know.

I do also offer a next day delivery service if you need something for a gift.

I will list the clubs that will go on sale next week in a post tomorrow or later today, there are going to be about 5 clubs, all administered by JO, very exciting!!!! Perfect for Christmas presents too.

Also I need to point out that returns will be refunded sans the cost of postage, if its a simply yarn return, and please email me to let me know you are returning things, otherwise I have no idea who packages are from :)

OK, that's all the shop talk, the trip to Scotland was loads of fun, it really was, but blimin cold!!!


Friday, 27 November 2009

Ethereal and Faery wings

OK, NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING makes me happier than yarn, not even chocolate cake and tea.

I am always on the look out for new yarns, its Marie's fault, she used to bring me gorgeous yarns from her trips abroad, and I used to get frustrated because I wanted them, most of them are still impossible to get hold of for dyeing, but I take every opportunity to try! Of course its for you guys so you can knit with the best ;)

Anyway, I finally managed to break into the realms of something a little special, and I am hoping of more of this to come as well.

So yesterday two gorgeous yarns I have been after forever arrived in the workshop and I got dyeing immediately.

The first is Ethereal, its 65% CASHMERE 35% Silk, and its stunningly gorgeous. I have put it into 50gm hanks for now, its a 4ply weight and its 12.00 per 50gms. It is expensive, HOWEVER its spun to a phenomenally high standard in Europe and not in china and I would rather pay more and be happy, the result is also a yarn which is quite honestly amazing. I reckon 100gms will easily make a gorgeous little shawl, such as Ysolda's Ishbel.

here is some...

Iphone 233 

The picture isn't the best because I am not at home with my light box, this colour is imps in the glade, which is on the new arrival pages.

The second yarn is also spun in Europe, this is at the moment called Faery wings, BUT I will do a competition next week to change it, its a cute name, but not quite there. It is similar to Art yarns Silk rhapsody, but a million times more affordable, lol!

Its a singles pure silk yarn with a soft kid mohair lightly wound around it, so there is softness shine and warmth all on one hank. Its 350m per 100gms, so a hank will do a scarf easily, and its 16 pounds.

The yarn takes the colours in a most wonderful way, I didn't expect it to...

Iphone 227

I can feel a little cardi or drapy v neck coming on. I suspect needles sizes wil make the fabric very different so today I shal swatch my little heart out for this, and Ethereal.

Both these yarns are available on the new arrivals page

Oh and I will announce the new clubs on Tuesday and the days they go on sale. They will be available for a limited time only as I won't be doing rolling sign ups any more, but they will be special :) xxxxxx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Shop update - a little early this week

OK, as I am traveling up to Scotland tomorrow, I am doing the shop update today, but it'll be sporadic because things are still drying.

I am HOPING the new ETHEREAL cashmere silk fingering weight will arrive, and we can get some wound and dyed for today, I also think we will do a naming competition for the other new yarn, its silk with a thin mohair wrap extremely gorgeous!!!!!! I will photograph it and best name wins a hank :)

Right I am flying high today, in very good spirits. xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

K1 at the weekend

Its a little crazy round here, and I have no heating so its too cold to type, so this will be short and sweet!!!!

I am at the k1 shop in Glasgow on Saturday, and EDINBURGH on the Sunday doing a trunk show, I absolutely cannot wait. I hope to see some of you guys there!!!!!! Leave me a comment if you are coming.

I might have a new helper....one that might even help with dyeing ;) how good is that????

So today I have to finish off two massive wholesale orders and get dyeing for the update and the weekend, no small task really.

I am feeling my design mojo coming back.........I got the most gorgeous lime green sheilas aran which is calling me to make a jumper/cardi.....



Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tomorrows shop update

There has been some serious dyeing around here. Some massive wholesale orders all over the world (makes me very proud) hehe.

But it means that we have a cracker of an update for tomorrow, llots and lots of hand painted yarns and semisolids, sparkle sock, scrumptious 4ply, plenty of lace, the new scrumptious aran, and the new Sheila's aran - this is the first week for the appearance Sheila's aran. I have an absolute obsession with the twist in yarn, I pay ridiculous attention to it, and so I  asked for this aran to have the same twist as Sheila's sock yarn, its not exactly the same, as the twist seems just more relaxed, it has a gorgeous softness, I am absolutely LOVING it, I really want to make something from it, argh!! I need to get designing in the Scrumptious aran too!!! Maybe this weekend, I have already swatched, and I just need some inspiration now.

Iphone 173

This is not the end of the new yarns though I am shifting to lots of new bases in the next few months, because I want to diversify a bit. I have 2 new yarns coming, a stunning cashmere silk yarn which is a fingering/4ply weight, too soft for socks but PERFECT for fingering weight shawls, or garments. This yarn is going to be called Ethereal, and trust me it lives up to its name, fingers crossed I will have it ready for next Fridays update. The second yarn is one I have been after for about 3 years, and I haven't been able to get it because the places I normally get stuff spun doesn't have mohair, BUT I got it finally found it, and its very special.

Ok, more soon on those

See you tomorrow for the update xxx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mid week catch up....

Monday with Sarah and Ysolda was fab, we talked and talked and talked, I really enjoyed it, and we are lots of cakes and curry, hehe! As usual I forgot to take photo's!!! Sorry :(

Thanks to those too who popped in too :)

I am dyeing loads for the update and for wholesale so the shop should be restocked Friday, my shelves are needing an injection of SPARKLE and scrumptious 4ply and aran, its diminishing like there is no tomorrow, nice problem to have huh?

Although I generally don't take custom orders asuch, I do print of a list of colour requests each week from emails and use them as a guide, so please feel free to suggest colours if you like them, it gets me out of my comfort zone, hehe.

Ok, back to work, its been crazy, I had the insurance people out last week for the unit, and so I have had lots of work done this week making the electrics safe to use with the vats, and I have a ventilation specialist coming this afternoon to figure out something special for all the dyeing fumes etc, I was ok when I used to dye outside, but now I am indoors I need to have proper extraction systems in place, especially if I am going to run  dyeing classes from here.

Which reminds me, would anybody be up for coming to a dyeing class here in the future??

OHHH and last thing, there is something odd going on with my oostage in the shop, if you order up to 400gms its fine, but over that its going to 10, I have checked all the tables but I can't figure it out, but I have asked the webguys to take a look at it so it should be fixed by today, however, if you want to order more before then, I will refund the postage for you immediately.


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ysolda's visit time update..

Ok update for Monday

Unit will be open from 1pm - 5pm for visitors to come for Ysolda's book signing!

It might be a bit nippy, so please make sure you have jumpers...


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ysolda - monday the 16th

Ok, Ysolda is coming to sign books here on Monday, she has put the time from 3 - 5, BUT I am going to see if we can make it and earlier start for those with children to get home to, I will update the details here as soon as I can please see this post for directions;. There will be cake and tea, please bring warm things to wear, because sometimes it can get a bit chilly in here.

OK the update for tomorrow is AWESOME I have sparkle, and LOTS OF IT, I also have a new scrumptious aran yarn, which is AMAZING, its so soft and shiny, and it takes the dye so beautifully. There is also plenty of 4ply, and sock yarns. As usual I will start updating in the morning and go through out the day.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sparkle here and sparkle there and Ysolda is coming monday....

The Woolfish fest was really fun, I love staying at Louises B and B.

I was next to Jammam, opposite Nat, saw Ysolda and Trudi, it was really nice to catch up with peeps, I will do it again for sure.

Things are as usual crazy mad, but in a good way, I am feeling very energetic and excited, so its all good.


guess whats back in stock for Fridays update.....

Yup, you guessed, its sparkle sock.

Let me know in the comments if you are after semisolids, or multicoloured and quantities.....

Ok, and very importantly, Ysolda is coming to do a book signning in the unit on Monday afternoon for her new book, so if you want to come and hang out and get a book signed, please feel free, as usual, its nice to have an idea who is coming....


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A little coffee break treat....regretsy...

OK, I don't do as much surfing as I should, but I love twitter for getting me out there more sometimes, and thats where I found this website.

If you love etsy, sarcasm, irony, or just want to laugh your little socks off please take a look at Regretsy,


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

upcoming gigs....

Ok, I thought I had better post here if the next lot of Fyberspates gigs.

Starting with this weekend at Woolfish in Scotland the Wool festival on Saturday, its in St abbs, a lovely setting!!!

Also, next up Ysolda is coming to my unit to do a book signing for her new book Whimsical Little knits 2, on Monday afternoon the 16th of November so its really not long at all.....that should be lots of fun...so the unit will be open again, and YES THERE WILL BE CAKE. hehehe, I am sure I can convince my mum to make some more!

Then on the 28/29th of Nov I will be in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a K1 trunk show, 

Then we are done for this year, but the workshop is now open for visits if you would like to come and shop in person. We have sofa's, tea and coffee and chocolate biscuits, oh and oddles of well lush yarns!!

Its open from Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 3.30, but you really need to let me know if you are coming just incase for some reason I am not here, I generally am though. I am also thinking about opening a Saturday a month, which might be combined with a spinning thing too.

:) happy knitting xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

What a success!!

Aw, the open day was awesome, I was so nervous, I guess because Dr wool (he has been upgraded from Mr to Doc cause we all think when he comes to yarn making no one knows more) and Karen couldn't come I was more nervous than normal, BUT my family were so awesome, my mum made fudge cake, ginger bread men, fairy cakes with sparkles, and all sorts, it was soooo lovely, and my dad and my uncle were on the gate, (I do have some funny photos of them with hats on, but not until wed).

It was sooooo lush that people came to visit and drove from lots of places, I was really overwhelmed by peoples effort. I LOVE meeting my customers, and there are quite a few of them I consider my freinds, so thanks loads and loads and loads. And Pete, Anna (my lodgers) and Sole came all the way from Cardiff!!

I do have some photo's but I never asked anyone permission if it was ok to post them here, BUT I do have a little photo of  Anna, Pete and Sole, its a little blurry, before this weekend, they had never met each other but, I KNEW they would hit it off, and they did, and well, I can see some great tapas parties ahead.

Iphone 122 

Oh and Jo came with the gorgeous little ones, it was so so so so fab to see her thanks jo :) xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

OPEN DAY 31st Oct 10am - 3.30pm

Right peeps, things are getting rather ready for the open day, and I am far too excited, I even have a new dress!!!!

My dad has been working so hard, planting pots of flowers to go outside, and painting windows, he is such a peach. And my mum has been cleaning, I am scared to go even wash my cups up in the sink incase I make a mess!!

Ok, so for the details. I have a unit on an industrial estate, so it might not look from the outside what you are expecting, it has a large Creamy stoned house at the front on the bridge, the turning right next to it, it has signs on it for the NALDER ESTATE.

This is the address:

The Nalder estate

Main Street

East challow

Nr Wantage

OX12 9SY

There is a sign out the front for the NALDER ESTATE, this is what you need to look for, I have also heard it called the Old canal building, use the post code for your satnav.

It is in the village of East Challow,

If you are coming from Faringdon as you come into East Challow (past HAINES a kind of reclamation place) you turn the corner and go up over a bridge, just before you go over on your left is the big house and there will be a sign with the Nalder estate on it, turn left in there, there will be someone on the gate to direct you in (probably my dad or my uncle, l might give them distinctive bobble hats, so if you see two old guys in stupid hats you know you are in the right place, there is a HUGE carpark, and the unit is suitable for wheel chairs access as I have large double doors.

If you are coming from Wantage, as you come out down the hill as you come over the bridge on your left you will see the big house on your right, turn in there.

This is the google map, the large industrial estate you can see on there is where my workshop is, once you are in the car park you will know where to go.

There will be tea and coffee and some bubbly, and cakes and nibbles. I have some idea of people who are coming, but would love it if you told me so I could make sure there is enough cake. The gates will be open from 10am, you will not be able to come in before then I am afraid, we will be closing 4 latest but more likely 3.30 because it gets very dark and we want to make sure everyone leaves the premises.

Please have a look at the shop for my mobile contact incase you need to ring me about directions or anything, you do not have to have previously told me are coming, it is open to anyone who would just like to come and look around.

I'll leave this on the blog for now until the weekend so you have all the info you need, I will also update the shop through the week, as I might be a bit wired on Friday.

See you sat!!!


Friday, 23 October 2009

Posting orders

Alright folks,

OK, as most of you know we have a postal strike, but, it doesn't run tomorrow or the beginning of next week, so I will post all packages out tomorrow, if you would like me to leave it until after next week that's fine, please leave a note in your order of your preference.

I do have some really nice autumn treats today.

This is my absolute favourite in the sheilas sock; Autumn rainbow

Iphone 057

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Right, well I have been dyeing alot of fibre, when I get into it I can't stop!!!!

I have alot of fibre here to dye, some gorgeous blends, so that will feature largely in this weeks update. I have also got on order some very very very special fibre coming, it might be akin to a certain sparkle sock blend ;)

People have been asking me about autumn colours, this week is also about the autumn coloured yarns, hehe.

If you are coming to the open day and you like fibre, you are in for a treat!

Some fibre I did yesterdayIphone 056

Happy spinning ;)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Open day is comin yiiiiippppeeee!!

So I might have a solution to the putting wholesale on a waiting list thing, because really I love to wholesale, but I have to work on that for a bit to see what I can do, but I think its definately do-able, I will do some investigations and let you know, but I am confident there will be a solution very soon ;)

Secondly, there are so many yummy yarns coming in the next month or so, I am well excited hehehehehehe.

I am going to add some extras to the update now is so blimin cold, aran in semisolids and multicoloured, plenty of dk and chunky's, and loads of fibres and treats.

Now, point of the post! The open day; preparations have started, the unit is looking lovely, and mom and pops have planted flowers in tubs outside, and finishing touches have been painted on the windows and things to make it look lovely (my dad has been painting like a crazy man, he really is a peach). I am really looking forward to it now, and I had a few emials from people asking if it was ok to come....... really peep's its open to anyone who would like to come and have a look around,  it will be lots of fun, bring your knitting too, there are sofa's hehe!

The site will be open from 10am to 4pm, Keep an eye on the  blog for more details, I will post a map etc on here for you.

I am so excited!!!!


Friday, 16 October 2009

Dyeing and update = indulgence/inspiration

OK, so I figured I needed to dye things and have some fun dyeing seeing as its all numbers and theories around here at the moment, so I am dyeing all sorts of things today and tomorrow, I have slowly started the update and it will continue over today and tomorrow. I also have managed to fix my steamer, so there are some colours that people have wanted FOR AGES, however they are not quite dry yet, so I can't take the pics yet, but they will be done either this afternoon or tomorrow morning so keep an eye on it if you have asked me for something to be redone.

Oh and...I have decided to bring in some very very special new yarns, they are proving a very hard to get hold of, but they are AMAZING! And.... guess what? I finally managed to get more sparkle sock, its winging its way to me, I am hoping it'll be here next week, but I can't promise anything.

This new refreshment of yarns is getting me VERY excited :)

Please keep leaving your thoughts and comments about the clubs its really helping me to figure out what to do.

Also I have some new patterns in this week......

This gorgeous shawl from Carol made from scrumptious 4ply....

Centriqueshaw4 - Copy 


Thursday, 15 October 2009


I have been persuaded that clubs are really a good idea, I have to be honest that I have in the past struggled with the complicated admin of the clubs as previously they allowed people to sign up at different times , I have with Mr Wool and Jo decided on a new way of doing them that will enable me to easily ensure that they are sent out on time each month and with Jo doing all the admin you can rest assured that this will happen

We came up with the idea of a 6 month project club, small projects, one a month, with different yarn each time including some VERY VERY special yarn, along with a pattern each month for the project with that yarn. It would go on sale with limited places from mid Nov, and it would start on the 15th of Feb (I know that seems like a bit of a gap, but the entire club would have to be made in advance to make it run smoothly. It would cost around 100 pounds for the entire club. I would do NONE of the administration, infact I want nothing to do with it, I would just be providing the designs and the yarn, and the rest is up to Jo.

What do you reckon?????

Monday, 12 October 2009


OK, well, we are still working on the business plan, but today, I feel like we are getting somewhere.

Saturday was quite scary, we worked out all the costings, lol, and then yesterday we brain stormed and figured out loads of things and today we started putting plans into action and I am confident I can make everything work, I don't want to stop wholesaleing, because I love it so much, however I am going to have to put prices up and put orders on a waiting list, it will have a set amount of time dedicated to it, but once that weekly limit is up, thats it, so waiting times will increase inevitably, but its either that or my company won't exist because the figures don't work out. 

Today feels like the first day of me being a director should have been, not like the total meltdown I had, lol, I appreciate the help I am getting really very much, I needed someone to look critically at the business and say nope, yes nope get rid of this and that etc, and actually it makes my life doable instead of ridiculous.

The two people helping me both said, what is the point in having your business if you don't earn proper wages, and I laughed alot, that really helped me to decide to ditch the things I was holding onto really tightly.

I am very excited.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ally Pally, Updating shop and life ramblings

Firstly, if you are visiting Allypally, you can buy my yarns from 3 stands: RKM wools (they have all the scrumptious) Tall yarns & Tales have lace lace lace and sock and I think also Woolfish have some too.

Hey!!! What an absolutely stunning morning, I LOVE my drive to work at the moment, I have never really had to drive work before seeing as I always lived in a city, but I am right on the edge of the cotswolds and the scenery is Stunning at the moment, the trees are beautiful, and I am getting in the mood for dyeing some gorgeous autumn colours. Its making me think too about where to live and stuff, I have always dreamt about building my own house, and being kind of self sufficient, I am not nieve enough to think I could do it completely, but I would love to have a go, and I would like my own peice of land etc, and I think for the first time in years I am thinking I need to slowly work towards that goal, I am kind of past my whole life revolving around work, and I am feeling the need for balance in my life. So I am starting to think about a plan, and you know me, I never do anything by halves, but for now its all about research research research, I accept its a long term goal, but its never to early to start!!!! It also gives me inspiration to keep working hard to pay of debts and get myself into a more flexible position.

So in that vein hahaha, I have started updating the shop, and I have a long way to go, as I have boxes of blimin yarn to go on.

Also I am thinking about new yarns and things for the winter, and I was wondering, what kinds of yarns do you guys want?? Lace is still selling well, but I wonder if you guys like arans and wools, what thicknesses and fibres are you looking for, are you looking for multicoloured yarns, or semisolids all the time, I confess semi solids are easy for me at the moment while its busy, but I just want your thoughts really if you leave a comment I will reply with a 10% discount code for the shop for you to encourage you to leave a comment, it will last until Monday. hehe....

oh and keep an eye on the sale page, there are things still going on there to clear the shelves


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

um, nice things, lol.

OK, I had a cracking day yesterday, worked so hard in the tidy workshop, and also best news of the day I found out that Princi is in the UK (Cardiff to be precise) for a whole year. My heart nearly exploded with happiness and excitement.

You probably remember me talking about the Spanish, and she really is the pinacle of that, the time when we lived and had parties everyday for while in my little house after I broke up with Anth, and it was probably one of the best most important times in my life, we all squeezed in my little house and we just had pure unadulterated fun. Well she is back for a year, and I resolved to go at least once a month for a weekend in Cardiff and that might increase just a bit more now!!!!!

So, thats amazing for me, it really is.

Its counterbalanced with the ongoing business analysis that is happening, with my accountant and best freind, and well, thats not so much fun. My costings have changed alot, and this weekend will be the clincher, we have nearly all the info we need to do a proper business analysis, and well, I feel a little anxious about it, I know there are some areas I am running at minimal profit, but I am wondering how it is going to effect the business, I guess it will mean major restructuring of the business, I already know that wholesale is in the balance here, I guess I don't need to be worried, but I know there is a major overhaul do, so its scary.

Anyway bring on knowledge and then I can make a plan, lol


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Behind every fyberspate there are 2 minds.

Lets just say, I figured out what's been wrong, the little missing chink in the Fyberspates armour got fixed yesterday, and I feel completely back to normal, my normal bubbly self, there are some things I am good at, and others I am not, so the things I am not, i'll leave to the other.


Monday, 5 October 2009

Gorgeous freinds

My DARLING friend Karen decided to come and help me on the weekend, and we had such a wonderful time, she is one of those special friends that makes so much effort to help you when you need it most, and she just new that I needed to get control over everything again. So she came and did the clubs for me, and then we spent a very long day on Saturday putting the workshop into order, but not her order, or anyone elses order, but MY order, somethings here are clearly not working for me, and its not feeling like my space, so saturday we made it my space, and its gorgoues (just intime for the open day as well)!!!!!!

So KAREN, thankyou, thankyou for not letting me get away with 'what do you think?' and being strict, you are a total sweetheart.


Friday, 2 October 2009

Calmness is coming back

OK, I kind of lost it yesterday afternoon, lost it because I felt so out of control with everything that I was sort of permanently shaking for about 4 hours. Weirdly Mr Wool knew I was struggling and just turned up completely unexpected, finished off, checked  and submitted my vat return, made out some massive invoices I was not sure about, bought me cheesecake, gave me big hugs and bought me a pint after I just gave up in a big heap on the floor. Then once I had calmed down, he talked my way out of the way I felt, and I felt a whole lot better.


We sat down and figured some numbers out, and schedules etc, and we decided I have to cap my wholesale. People who are currently my wholesale customers can stay, new ones will go on a waiting list, and all of my wholesale orders will be done only two days a week, no more, and it takes as long as it takes, no more stress, I am really a one woman band, and although I have some help, wholesale is not profitable enough to do it 5 days a week, so, its going to be 2 only, and I need to focus much more on my shop, which actually is the thing I love dyeing for the most, but which unfortunately I have hardly any time to do at the moment. I will also strip out anything which takes up too much time, as I said before clubs, lol, I HATE running clubs, they drive me nuts.

I also have to enforce the rule of working on my own alot more, I need my time to be creative, and its not really happening.

So, although though I am a go getter and I love expanding and growing, I realised that its currently at the cost of my happiness, I have a distributor for scrumptious, and thats what they get commision for, is for the volume, and its little input from me apart from desiging, and thats how I like it.

So, I feel so much calmer today, I still have that wholesale order to finish by this afternoon, but this is the last day of tight deadlines, and Karen is coming this afternoon for a few days to help me with a few things, so I think we shall laugh and have fun, and eat lots of cake, and hopefully I will start feeling a bit more like me again.

Oh and thanks to Dee too, for sharing, you helped me think about stuff loads, big hugs.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Post office issues - as if my stress levels wern't high enough already

Ok, we have postal strikes, so if you have made and order and it doesn't turn up in 2 days its not me OK!!!!!!

Orders are going out just fine, there is no delay with them from my end, but I am getting a few emials from people asking where their packages are, we have had some strikes this week, and there are more to come:

Just wanted to let you know.

Now I am going to cry because I have a massive deadline to complete by tomorrow, and ISTILL  have no yarn because of the numpty couriers.

Great start to my first day of being a director or what.

edited to change link to one thats today, not 2007 ARGHHHHHHHH


Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Slightly over dramatic statement, but thats how it feels.

I couldn't sleep last night for stressing about my entire life, business seems to get to a point in growth where you are no longer doing the thing you love, but doing all the things you HATE.

I have two tax returns to do, because the new company starts tomorrow, plus two vat returns, because all the accounts fall accross two deadlines, although these are not strictly for tomorrow, they have to be done soon, so along with working with my accountant, and bookeeper, we are getting somewhere, but really there is so much to be done. Not to mention wholesale is keeping me so busy I can't blink, any thoughts of the clubs being resurected is gone, they aint gonna happen. I know I will adjust to working in a different way, but I was thinking the other day, just because I have more orders, it does not mean more money, it means my costs go up in wages, materials, rent, tax, COFFEE AND TEA AND BOXES. ARGHHHHHH! Someone said to me the other day, small is beautiful in business, and I am starting to understand what that means.

Don't get me wrong, I am 30% excited, and 70% stressed, so the balance although not quite there, is ok for the moment. I am learning my limits too, like no clubs and only very few custom orders, and I need to streamline considerably anything which is not profitable, goodness, I am understanding business so much now and why people do and don't sell things. I think I preffered it when I was nieve and just did what I felt like.

I am not moaning, don't get me wrong, I am simply adjusting, and it just looks like a massive mountain, and I feel like I have only 6 inch heels to climb it in.

If I don't blog much for the next week or so, its because I am busy, I am going to update the shop everyday so that its not such a huge task, there is so much blimin yarn to go on, oh by the way, I have a few vendors with my yarns at Allypally next week, I will list who has what early next week.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Sale - yay!

OK, I need to get rid of lots of things before I get my accounts done on the 1st of OCT, that includes stock which has been hanging around for an age, and also I have some old scrumptious space dyed which needs to go too, so basically, today is sale day.

I am going to start updating now...everything for the sale will ONLY go in the sale page happy shopping, there wll be some rather nice bargains ;)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fyberspates OPEN DAY 31st OCT


So provisionally my open day is going to be on Saturday the 31st of Oct!

There will be cakes, sandwiches and champagne seeing as we have lots to celebrate!!

There will be lots and lots of yarn and there is plenty of space to sit and knit and spin, and there is loads and loads of parking!

Please keep track of my posts here to check the details, leading up to it, and all my customers are welcome, I would love to have an idea if you are coming, just so I make sure we have cake for everyone!!!!

The Address is:


The Maintenance Room,

The Nalder Estate,

East Challow,

Nr Wantage,


OX12 9SY



Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Graceful - The knitter

OK, so I have so many things to catch up on here, I need to get back into my daily blog rhythm, but its not easy when there is so much going on. I will announce the date for the open day probably tomorrow and show you the new scrumptious solids

Ohhhh, and I will also be updating the shop throughout the week, its a little low on stock.

But for today, I wanted to show you something I am very proud of, I think this has to be my favourite design I have ever done, I have been messing about with the lace pattern for over a year, and always in the chunky scrumptious, and  decided to see if I could put it in a Garment, and well, Graceful is the result. Its been published in Issue 10 of The Knitter (just out now).

Scrumptious jumper - the knitter

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Shop all fixed

Shop is back to normal, dyeing like a crazy woman for Iknit, so its a quick post xxx

Monday, 7 September 2009

Website is down...

OK, shopcreator the company that hosts my website has completely gone down, and my website with it, they told me it will return this evening, although its still not there, but I am sure they will get it fixed in the next few hours, so don't worry, I have not disappeared. It also means thought that I can't view my orders from the weekend to pack them, so they will go tomorrow, providing the website is up, grrrrrrrrr

 I have the weekend to blog about (which was awesome) and my mums choc fudge cake recipe which everyone wants, lol. So I'll do that when the site is back up and its all back to normal.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blimin busy!

Right, I am off now to the Chapel for the weekend of classes with Annie, and I am really looking forward to it.

I am struggling to get all my administration and actually get dyeing work done at the moment, I am trying my hardest to get ready for iknit, and I am getting there, but there are going to have to be some seriously long days next week, to get ready, I want loads of gorgeous colours. At least I don't have to worry about the weather any more, it can rain all it likes!!!

I am going to become a registered company from oct 1st, I am too busy to be excited about the fact that I will be a director, but sounds kinda cool doesn't it?? Although my accountant did say there were more directors in prison than any other profession. Um, thanks for that....

Have a lovely weekend, I will post pics on monday of our weekend.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wow!!! Fyberspates Bunting, thanks so much folks.

Apparently a little while ago a certain lovely freind Karen organised a secret KAL for a fyberspates knitted bunting, and it was made for my new Unit, clearly I had no idea, she kept saying, I can't wait to give you your moving in present, and well, although I was intrigued, I never really think about presents too much, lol.

Anyway it turns out she rallied lots of you guys to knit little triangles in my yarn for this amazing bunting, got it shipped from all over the world and threaded it up ready for her visit on Friday.

To tell the truth when I opened it, I was completely gobsmacked, I think because I am one of those people who would rather something home made than something bought from a shop, because I relish the effort made. I think for the first time in a very long time I was speechless, and actually I didn't really know how to deal with it; that customers/freinds, alot of who I have never met, knit triangles for me, for my bunting. I did actually manage not to cry, although really I felt like it, because I felt so overwhelmed.

I want to say thankyou, thankyou so so much if you contributed, you have no idea how much it means to me. When I hung it up on sat in the unit, I felt choked, it was a bit like crowning this special space which I know in my gutts is going to be very special, alot of special things are going to happen, I just know it.

If you are coming to the openday you will get to see it, I also have a seperate one with 'fyberspates' on it, - a letter on each triangle, and this will come to EVERY show with me from now on, so if you are going to IKNIT, you will see it.

I have never had anything like this before, so everytime I look at it, I feel so happy, a little bit connected to my lovely customers who I consider my freinds.

Thanks loads and loads and loads, if you want to see much better  pics (its not very easy to get the light right in here)  than are here you can read Karens blog, thanks karen for organising it, you are a sweetheart.




Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New treats!!!!!

Right, so, I have new things coming in for Autumn, I have 6 new colours of the solid scrumptious arriving in the country today, hopefully I will have them for Friday's update, I am positively shaking with excitement.

The second very very exciting thing is I am discontinuing my dream sock yarn, because finally the spinner got the twist and count correct (dream sock is the closest version I have managed to get so far, and its fabulous, but its not anywhere near what I wanted. But they have done it, and I am hoping it will arrive in the next day or so. It has a very different texture to the normal sock yarns, so I am just a little bit bouncy about it.

We have just been thrashing out the last little changes to the pattern for the scrumptious jumper in the knitter, rather nerve racking, hehe.

Right, I have aot of dyeing to do now!

Hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Annies Modesit classes at the chapel - last call for places

Thanks for your comments on the previous post, they made me smile big time!!!

Ok, most of you should know by now that the classes at the chapel in Shropshire with Annie Modesit are in a couple of weeks time, I have a couple of places left, if anyone is still interested in coming to the classes, this is the last call really.

Info is all here

September 2009

Place: the Chapel in Whixall, SY13 2QG, UK.

Cost: Is 40 pounds per class, however, if you would like to book more than one class you get a discount,

1 Workshop = £40
2 Workshops = £70
3 Workshops = £100
4 Workshops = £120

We require you to book with 5 pound non refundable deposit per class, the rest is due on the day of the class.

There are plenty of places to stay including a nearby camp site and B
& B, and plenty of places locally, please ask for more details.
Lunch will be provided for £3.50.

Annie Modesitt's blog/website can be found here: http://www.anniemodesitt.com/

This is the details of the 4 workshops please write the details of the
number and name of the workshops in the comments in your order.

Workshop 1 - on the 5th of Sept 2009 10am - Wavy Lace scarf

Learn the basic theory behind knitting lace, and perfect your lace
chart reading skills. With a chart, what you see is what you get, which
is why its the best option for knitters who want to "see" what their
lace will look like before they take up their needles. In this class
we'll get a start on the Wavy scarf featured in Romantic Hand Knits
(2007 potter craft) pattern provided for each class member.

Workshop 2 - 2pm on the 5th of Sept, 2009
New Directions in knitting with Colour:

Colour work is wonderful thing and so satisfying for the knitter! Don't
be afraid, be bold and confident as you take up your needles - enjoy
the full range of beautifully coloured yarns! In this case we will
learn how to read a colour work chart and learn the basics of changing
colours in a row whilst knitting. We also discuss the differences
between fair isle and intarsia, and compare different methods of
carrying yarn across the back of the work.

Workshop 3 - Combination knitting 10am Sunday 6th Sept

Learn to knit using the combination method, easy to learn and quick to
execute. Beginner thru advanced, special techniques will be taught as
skills improve. This is a combination of the western
(german/american/english) and eastern (Islamic/turkish/portugese) style
of knitting. Easier and quicker then traditional western knitting, this
method creates very even tension with less "rowing out" less wrist
strain. If this method is different from how you've been taught, give
it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming, if you
are a first time knitter - enjoy! You can mistress this right away!

Workshop 4 - 4pm Sunday 6th September - Double knitting

Making a tube without circular needles isn't hard, but the method can
seem complex when you first start. Learn how to make socks and mittens
on straight needles with no seams! Adds a new tool to your knitting bag
of tricks!

You can either sign up here on the website or email me on FyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

Monday, 24 August 2009

Fibrefest and lovely things

Normally when I come back from shows I am knackered, however, I am totally full of beans today, hehe, I actually had alot of fun, and it was a real rest, not too sure why, but it felt like a mini holiday, not just for the body but for the soul, of course I saw all my lovely woolly friends, Amanda, Phil, Mr wool, john, and Juliette, even made some new ones :) and my fabulous customers.

But also we stayed in an amazing place, it reminded my of my eclectic household in Cardiff, the atmosphere and ethos, and I was very happy there, I am going again for sure!!!!!

I am going to do a sort of mini apprenticeship in something (major step to world domination), but I'll tell you about that later in a few weeks after Iknit, hehe.

I spose I have been feeling a bit weird the past month, not because of the move asuch, for some reason I had been feeling like, oh I am 31, not married, no kids etc etc, and I felt totally overwhelmed by feeling I should be conforming to something, not too sure why because it has never bothered me before, but, today as I was driving along in my van down the M5, just having taken another rather exciting step towards world domination, I felt bloody grateful that I have the flexibility to take on new things, and grow and learn because I don't have any commitments, and as Sole used to say, this is 'MY time', I do feel pressure to conform to some ridiculous 'perceived' path in life sometimes, but I feel miserable when I think about doing anything else other than what I am doing now, so for this time, I shall feel miserable no more. I am what I am, and I do what I want, and if anyone else mentions being on the shelf, they might get a very rude response from me. I DON'T DO SHELVES, OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I certainly don't conform, I would never be where I am if I did.

Right, well, off to pack orders and unload the van, with a rather large grin. Then have a cup of tea and get my pad of paper with 'World Wool Domination' written at the top of it, and make a list.


Friday, 21 August 2009


OK, I am off to Fibrefest in a mo, and I am very excited!!

But for todays post, I am going to showcase a new pattern Trilo (the first of 4) for this Autumn, and they are all gorgeous. I am struggling a bit with the photo's in the shop, they are all to high quality, lol, and the website won't accept them, I will sort it out over the weekend though.

Trilo is a gorgeous cardi made from of course scrumptious dk :) Carol Feller is an amazing designer, and I am so chuffed she likes using my yarns for her design.

Here are more detailed pictures of the cardi:




Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shop update will be on Monday not friday.

Just to let you know the shop update will be Monday because of fibrefest this week.

 I am going to put my workshop through its paces today and tomorrow and see just how much dyeing I am capable of here ready for the weekend!

I took my mum to see Harry Potter last night,  - she fell asleep, lol, but I LOVED it, I am never dissapointed by the films.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Actual real knitting!

All I ever seem to do is make swatches and half garments for my designs, especially the next rooster book at the mo, and I never really have any me knitting time, so feeling a tad jaded/tired about everything I thought I would knit something purely for the sake of it at the weekend. So I took some yarn which I was meant to be selling for Babylonglegs (some of her majic self striping) and my woolywormhead hat book, and well I knitted a hat called the reverser, it was so good because I knitted a hat in a way I could never have concieved and it was fun because the yarn was gorgeous;

Here is the result:


It was just nice to knit and think, I don't have much time to do that at the moment, I came to the conclusion that my tiredness/feeling a bit weathered ofcourse is probably due to the move, but also a massive change in diet. While I am eating loads of good food, I am eating loads of sweet things, my mother has such a sweet tooth, cakes, and chocolate and puddings, I never really ate any of those things for the past 10 years and I think they might be the cause of my massive energy slumps I keep getting.  So I started a wheat free sugar free diet yesterday and well, so far, no energy slumps, and I woke up at 7am which is a first for ages. Not only that BUT I have some wobbly bits, I HATE THEM, they have to go, they have been here for ages, the wheat free diet should help with that no end ;) plus I have started running its still at the horrendous stage, but I can stick with it.

Oh and I dyed my hair and it went orange, actual Orange. I did it again and it went yellow, I have some special blue shampoo and its getting whiter, but it was shockingly bad on sat!

So anyone going to fibrefest ???? I am dyeing yarn like a mad woman today


Friday, 14 August 2009

More workshop pics

So, now I have internet in the Unit, I am more than overjoyed, it means I feel back to normal, anyway, imbetween the shop update, which as usual will take all afternoon, I just snapped a few pics of the workshop, still loads to do, but the sofa's are arriving on Sunday, little bro is bringing a van to get his sofa's out of storage for me. This is the area where the sofas are going to go:


I know it looks messy, but it won't be long and all the boxes will be unpacked.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I Have actual internet in the unit, amazing!!!

I can not tell you how happy I am!!!! I finally got internet in the studio, now I feel like I never want to leave this place, even for dinner.

So now I can update my shop as I am dyeing and working away, all the people who want photos of their custom orders can have them, hehehe, and all the clubs will be sent tomorrow, with a little extra treat because they are late.

I think maybe that's why I have been so stressed,  I felt unconnected with my world, which clearly is rather virtual!!!

OK, I am going to go home now because I have to, but boy I am looking forward to coming to work tomorrow morning, I feel like I have my mojo back.....such simple things!

Ohh and the shop update has some really pretty colours!

See you tomorrow.


Totally what I needed

I love my lodgers so so much, I cried my blimin eyes out all through the ceremony, really I think it was the lovliest wedding I have ever been to, so incredibly genuine. It was alot of fun, and a truly super duper day.

Just what I needed.

Back to work to today to finish of my orders and get ready for tomorrows update :)

Should be a cracker.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sometimes you just gotta change plans

My lodgers are getting married today, so I am taking the day off to go to their wedding, I kind of just thought, what the hell do I work for, if I can't do nice things sometimes????

 I am extremely tired at the moment as well, so I think a few more spontaneous treats will do me the world of good.

Hope you have a lovely day, I have a good feeling in my bones about this one :)


Friday, 7 August 2009

Its only bl*******dy friday!!!!

Its friday, I am in Shropshire today, up for meetings and I signed the scrumptious contract finally, yipppeeee, gotta get all the patterns ready now, very exciting, but extremely stressful, I am gonna have a party to mark the end of this, and the beginning of the next lot!!!!

I need to clarify something about the custom order thing I wrote about, custom order means small amounts of yarn dyed for retail sales, (not the normal shop updates) and not WHOLESALE. I am expanding the wholesale side of the business which is why I can't really manage custom orders at the mo.

Finally, just updating the shop, I have been playing a little this week, and I had alot of fun.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mummys sheep

Mum painted this for my work shop, amazing or what?? Notice the socks??? Xx

Mummys sheep

Quote of the day.

Its busy, super busy, getting patterns ready for books and leaflets, and yarn dyed, and packed and sent, and still catching up, I am not moving ever ever again, its caused so much disruption, but at least its happened before the autumn starts.

Never in my life have things been so crazy, and wonderful at the same time, but it means my normal banter is just non existent, my brain is engaged in a thousand other things.

However, as some of you might have guessed I am temporarily lodging at home, which is proving to be alot of fun, my mum and dad are hilarious, really hilarious, and really the one liners that come out daily make me laugh so much, and I think I should share them, really its a shame to let them pass into obscurity without some additional laughter.

So there might be some little posts with quote of the day, especially since my brain is zapped from normal blog content.

The most memorable small conversation this week ( I did twitter it, but here goes):

Mum: The raspberry crumble might have extra protein in it.

me: huh?? what do you mean?

Mum: wibbly wobblers of course, only tiny wibbly wobblers.

Thanks mum, after I had eaten a large portion of it :s


Monday, 3 August 2009

Refining things

I think I am early there with sorting, I feel nearly back in control again, although I have so many deadlines its a little ridiculous,  but they are doable if I work my ass off, so its ok.

HOWEVER, I have made a few decisions, that some things are going to have to go.

1. NO more custom orders I am afraid, I will complete the ones I have, but after that, they are no more, I am  not saying that its a permanent thing, but really, I can't do small orders in short amounts of time when I have 80 kilos to dye as well, its really not very practical any more, it makes me sad, but, people are having to wait for them for too long, and I am not able to give a good enough service, once that starts to happen, I have to stop taking that on, and so that's it, no more, lol.

2. NO more clubs for now. I will finish the clubs that are signed up, but after that no more, again, I am struggling to do that on top of other work, and the administration drives me nuts, so I am taking a break from these. Again its not necessarily forever, but for now, I need to start managing my workload so people can get excellent customer service from me, rather than lateness etc. I HATE having bad customer service, and the move highlighted the fact that the clubs and custom orders were the things that suffered the most.

So onwards and upwards, things are as always extremely busy, but the business is changing into something different, and so I have to embrace those changes if I want to grow, which I do really, you know me, I can't stand in the same place for long.


Friday, 31 July 2009

I am alive really....

Hey! Hows it going????

Its still mad here setting up the studio, I think we are nearly ready for the sofa's though, goodness I can't wait for those.

I need to get used to blogging early in the morning, because I don't have internet there yet, I am still debating if I need it or not, or whether I should get used to not having it in the day, I do feel a little out of touch though.

So its all a massive life change and learning process, but its not a painful one, hehe.

Right, there will be an update this afternoon, probably later on in the afternoon, about 4ish I'll start.

I will aim to blog everyday from now on, and today I'll take some more unit photo's.

hope you are all well, leave me a comment, I love reading them xxxxxx

Friday, 24 July 2009

Its friday, lol more workshop pics

I thought you might like to see how the workshop is coming along, its still messy, and there are all sorts of things to be built and done, there was a flood last Friday, due to severe rains in that part of the world, nothing was damaged due to the fact that pops went and saved everything, although tomorrow we have the job of raising everything by 4 inches to make sure the wooden shelves and things are well off the floor. Hopefully also we can get the sofas in once the end has been painted as well, to create a design area, seeing as I have as much design work as dyeing, lol, I was thinking about calling it 'Fyberspates Workshop and design studio'.....what do you reckon?.

As you can see lots of things to be unpacked, and lots of yarn to be packed into white boxes, lol.

So I have updated the shop, but now my internet access is over for a few days, but broadband arrives on tuesday, and I shall be updating more things for the sales pages, and more things on the regular pages.

have a lovely weekend!!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

The near impossible shop update is updating

What a bloody day! Someone kindly let me have access to a broadband connection today so I could do my shop update, then my computer did something to the settings and I couldn't get online, then my camera stopped taking photo's.

I didn't cry, instead I drove 2.5 hours to the chapel and kindly Mr wool lent me his camera and internet.

It took about an hour for my laptop to connect, but now I am here and starting, there is loads so its gonna take hours, but at least finally I can do it, there is some nice treats today as well.

This post is rather devoid of the screaming frustration that is going on in me this week, but instead of letting it get to me, I am just walking forward and punching down the obstacles.

Happy shopping


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Internet I miss u!!!!!

Right I don't get broad band till

Next week, so I can only

Get orders and emails on then iPhone, however, tomorrown I

going to someones house soni can do

A shop update and catch up

With everything Internet, I feel so out of touch it's horrible!!!!! See u tomorow on twitter, ravelry and in the shop, lol xxxxx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pictures of the new workshop

OK, before I start I need to say a few things:

Lace and self striping clubs are out today, I am sorry they are so late :(
The Annie Modesit workshops are still fine to be at the chapel there is not change, its just my business had to be removed before the surveyor came to see it, and since I had to find a workshop anyway I thought now is as good a time as any, I am now based in Oxfordshire.

OK, think that's all you need to know :) here are some pics of the unit.

So remember me saying it was industrial???

Iphone 009

Thats pops, hehe, this is what it looked like when we got there, filthy and green and dark:

we took the things of the windows and cleaned and cleaned

Iphone 012 Then we painted and painted, down the opposite end was a an office, which we deconstructed from this:

Iphone 033 
and then to this:

Iphone 039

That end is going to be a design studio, with sofas etc, it already looks fabulous,

ok, so it already looks totally different and alot nicer, and it will continue to get better, but the main thing is that its got so much storage, and a wonderful dyeing area, all laid out permanently, it feels so so good, and it was ALOT of fun getting there.

I have intermittent internet, but I am getting the orders no probs, so service in the shop is back to normal, I have the sales conference for creative yarns at the end of the week, but I will be back to normal Monday, and hopefully we'll have a nice big update :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I am moving in!

Ok folks, I officially got the unit, but I CAN NOT PROCESS ANY ORDERS, OR ANSWER QUERIES UNTIL MONDAY.

I am really sorry, I can't do anything, the yarn is packed away, in 5 different places.

I am getting emails, but I don't have an internet connection at home yet, so there is no way I can answer you, or even have a clue if you have a question about your orders.

So big hugs, and I hope you can hold on until Monday and I will trawl through EVERYTHING I promise and sort everything out then.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

units, moving blah blah blah

Cor, I am getting my blogging mojo back that's for sure, I think that's a good sign of internal excitement. I have been a tad miserable for the past 6 weeks I think because I don't do so well with uncertainty.

 Anyway I went, I saw, and I want.

Its proper industrial, lol, I even had to carefully stand infront of the wall so my father didn't read the rude jokes plastered to the office wall, clearly from the previous owner, and clearly they were all men. All I have to say is, its all industrial with big hairy men around the site, but, I am cheeky, rude, and not offended by anything unless someone critisises my lack of organisation, so I think I'll be just fine, lol, plus I am known for my dreadful swearing and ability to be totally innapropriate if nessasary. mwhahahahahahaa.

Disclaimer here, I don't swear all the time, infact, mom and pops can't abide swearing, so really mum, you didn't just read that, and ofcourse I never swear infront of my customers :)

I am rather excited though, I have to be honest, I want to make it sort of kind of warehouse chic, or something, if thats possible. I am moving the business today, temporarily to my mums, and then I hope tomorrow, the space will be sorted, and then its a massive cleaning operation to get it all clean and degreased, fresh coat of paint in some places, decobwebbed, really, it feels like something very special is happening, it will also mean that customers will be able to come and visit as well, as there is adequate parking, and there is enough room for sofa's and a small design studio/area too.

I want a huge pink sign that says "Fyberspates workshop and design studio" yay!!!!

Goodness, I have to concentrate on moving smoothly today, lol.

I might even have an opening weekend once its all gorgeous, so people can come.

breathe, breathe breathe,


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

wed 11 - 2 sale

ok tomorrow there will be more of a sale, because I am finding all sorts here that I don't want to take with me.

So see you at 11.


Going to see dream unit

Thanks for the response on the test knitting, I am well chuffed :) might just get that book knitted after all ;)

So on Friday I went to see lots of units, none if which were completely right for some reason or other, but there was one which my dad took me to, which was a proper industrial unit, it was on a really nice complex, lots of other businesses, mainly engineering type businesses but hey, I spose what I do is manufacturing of sorts. The unit was amazing it even had proper ventilation system, which I am starting to realise is an absolute must for a dyeing business, hence why I always dye outside in all weathers, I read all over the place on the internet about how dyes are not harmful, but that kind of stuff is written by very lazy people who will eventually regret a lax approach I guarantee you. A ventilation system is something I have been dreaming about for a very long time.

In addition it was lovely and light, and I guess about 1200 square meters, slightly less space than I wanted, however, it had a great feeling to it. I dismissed it straight away because I thought there was no way I would be able to afford it. Then yesterday I got an email with a quote for the space, it was right on my budget!!! I was absolutely shocked. So I am going back this afternoon to have another reki and check its got water etc etc, and last night, I was browsing the internet for workshop inspiration. Now, yes it is industrial, but I want to make it gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I don't see why it can't both???

So here are some websites which got my juices flowing

decor design this website has some ideas for office space/craft space

This magazine looks awesome, I need to subscribe

I trawled through flikr and favourited these

I am feeling very excited!!!!


Monday, 6 July 2009

What occurin?

Right I need to fill you in because everything is a little all over the place at the moment.

I am moving workshops this week, I have to do this because I can't run the business from the chapel any more, (I better not give too many details, or we might get into trouble) but I want to run Annies workshops here in Sept, so I have to make sure that we can, promise I will fill you in with it all when its time.

Anyway, its a good push for me to go and get my workshop sorted out, and I am on the way, but its not exactly sorted, so in the mean time I have to make do, but I have some space, but that means moving this week, but its a bit of a distance.

So in essence its a little topsy turvy, I feel stressed, but actually its all pretty exciting.

I have to also finish of the book of designs for the rooster book before the sales conference next week (where I am presenting Scrumptious to the reps) and I sort of need test knitters, for a few of the patterns not dine yet, if any of my regular customers (and really I have to know you already, because I have had a few bad experiences recently with test knitters not actually doing anything and taking yarn). I have the lovely Joanne, who is a star, but would need 10 arms to complete my required list, lol).

So if anyone likes to work under pressure and can knit cables and things in a short amount of time, like a week (there is payment/ or yarn payment involved), get in touch.

So orders will be dispatched today, and wednesday, and then saturday, there may be a little delay with some, but I am hoping we will be back to normal next week. I do have lots of things to update here, so I will just pop stuff on as we go, some of it will go into the new arrivals, and some in the sale, I found more cones, lol.

Ok, so thats all I think, oh I wanted to just say thanks to Mr wool, he cheered my up no end yesterday afternoon, I was having a bit of a trauma, lol, and as usual, he is a star in a crisis.


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Looking for a new fyberspates home

I am looking for units today, which is very exciting, if I get the chance to take soMe pics and blog them I will xxxx

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


OK, I have a sale going on here with some essential destashing so my little bro doesn't kill me when he has to move me again.

There are white cones, dustore alpaca and all sorts of treats

Happy shopping

Monday, 29 June 2009

Back from Woolfest.

Woolfest was absolutely brill as always, lovely to see my customers and freinds. I did try and update the blog using the phone, but I am not quite used to it yet and I kept loosing the words and pics, lol, will keep trying though.

I am very close to finding a new workshop (I have a few meetings/trips on Thursday), but it means a big move, a really big move, so I am just sorting the stock levels on the website, and then on Wednesday I will be doing a big sale, on things which have been in stock for a while, there will be alot of white coned yarn, white hanks, Du-Store, and alot more, but it will be a HUGE sale, the Sale will start 10am on wednesday, but please bear in mind that things will not be sent out till early next week, because I have to travel the end of this week for the workshop meetings and Jo won't be working until MONDAY, but it should be alot of fun, I just need to spend the next few days updating the shop ready for Wednesday.

Sorry I seem a bit serious at the moment, there are so many changes happening that I just have my head down and ploughing through things.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Woolfest set up

Woolfest set up

We r here!!!

So here we are, and I'm blogging from my iPhone!!! And finally u will get pics all through the weekend yipppppeee! So these are setting up pics. Xx

Monday, 22 June 2009

Distribution for scrumptious :)

Things are totally mad, and my head is spinning, its only just sunk in that Woolfest is in a few days, not that I am too worried, I have lots of stock ready, just need to dye some more fibres and card up some yummy batts.

So you all know my solid scrumptious, that gorgeous gorgeous yarn, I got a distribution deal for it, starting September, so I am hoping soon it will be in most yarn stores around the UK, very exciting :)

Of course I had to expand the range, and there are 6 new gorgeous colours coming for autumn, I can not wait for those to arrive. So now really I need premises, so I am looking high and low for a permanent place for the business with a design workspace too, all very very exciting.

There is a new company as well in the making, but that's top secret for now, lol, I need to go and dye yarn so I can contemplate the crazyness that is happening.