Monday, 2 November 2009

What a success!!

Aw, the open day was awesome, I was so nervous, I guess because Dr wool (he has been upgraded from Mr to Doc cause we all think when he comes to yarn making no one knows more) and Karen couldn't come I was more nervous than normal, BUT my family were so awesome, my mum made fudge cake, ginger bread men, fairy cakes with sparkles, and all sorts, it was soooo lovely, and my dad and my uncle were on the gate, (I do have some funny photos of them with hats on, but not until wed).

It was sooooo lush that people came to visit and drove from lots of places, I was really overwhelmed by peoples effort. I LOVE meeting my customers, and there are quite a few of them I consider my freinds, so thanks loads and loads and loads. And Pete, Anna (my lodgers) and Sole came all the way from Cardiff!!

I do have some photo's but I never asked anyone permission if it was ok to post them here, BUT I do have a little photo of  Anna, Pete and Sole, its a little blurry, before this weekend, they had never met each other but, I KNEW they would hit it off, and they did, and well, I can see some great tapas parties ahead.

Iphone 122 

Oh and Jo came with the gorgeous little ones, it was so so so so fab to see her thanks jo :) xx


  1. YAY!! Glad you had a good day :D

  2. Well done, so glad you had a good day:-)

  3. I had so much fun. Your parents are awesome.