Thursday, 29 June 2006

Wool fest what bloody wool fest?

I'm can't go to the woolfest because I am going to London with my mum. I am a little gutted. (obviously I am happy to go to london mum!) I'ts just the second time i've missed it. :-(

Will anyone volunteer to buy me some suprises if I give them some money?

Emial me on fyberspates AT btinternet DOT com

Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Yes, I know, i've been back a week, and I haven't written a word!

Madrid was awsome, I had so much fun, the food was amazing, I even tried snails, hmm. Still not too sure what I think of them, but I will try anything once. Tortilla has become a staple part of my diet now. I purchased rather alot of spanish cooking books, which are superb, apart from the deep fried calfs testicles, I won't be cooking those!

Carmen passed her Viva with flying colours, well done babe! You looked like a Tv star! So she is now 'Dr Carmen Valle'. Expert in Power and persuasion, how cool is that?

I got a bit of a tan, ate and drank to my hearts content, and was in the most wonderful company! Thanks Carmen, Fran, Greg, Geoff, Audra, Gabbi and Kestral!

Got back, realised why I left to go away. I can't talk about these things yet though, until all my family have been informed about my life changes, I don't want them to read it here first.

Desperately hankering after a good knitting project, something luxurious and expensive. Not that I can afford it though. ohh! I just thought: My hipknits silk, that might just do the trick! Now what can I knit? Suggestions please people.......

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Hola chicas! (Don't know and spanish slang for any male readers)

Felt like making my blog a little simpler, it needed a bit of declutering like my life has been experiencing!

I think it looks cool!

So, tomorrow I am off to sunny Madrid for 4 days to watch Carmens Viva defense. My bosses are some of her examiners, and seeing as I've been missing her too much, they suggested I might like to accompany them and have a little holiday. So within the hour I had booked my ticket. Now its just the agony of deciding whether we go to a nice restaurant or have spanish tapas and beer when we arrive. Oooh my life is so tough!

I'll take same photo's. Not sure I can knit on the plane though :-(

No orders will be processed after wed until monday. But they will be shipped as soon as possible when I get back.

Monday, 5 June 2006


Sale here!

Shipping is a flat £2.50 no matter how much you buy.

**Adding more all the time as I find it!** so keep an eye out. It all has to go!

Thursday, 1 June 2006

Afternoon campers!

Today is the first day in a couple of months I've been feeling excited about everything again, due to moving house and some unbelievable family trauma, which is still going on but I am feeling much better about it now.

Nothing like a good trauma to clear out all the emotional crap is there? I feel like I've grown up about 10 years, (in a good way) over the last two months.

I've started enjoying blog reading again, so I must be feeling better!

I've started thinking about the shop and getting back on track, sat and sunday are dedicated to a massive overhaul on the shop because it really needs it, it is diabolical at the moment.  I will do a final clear out of stock, it has to go, so prices are coming right down, I need room for new stuff and adding new yummy things. So keep an eye out on monday.

It feels like spring again! Yay!!

Ohh and I'm gonna have a stand at Allypally this year!!! How exciting is that?