Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Winning results.

Congrats to Anita for winning the competition.

Thankyou for all the names you suggested, we finally decided to go for Angie's suggestion 'Brighton Rock', so thankyou. I am going to work on another rose colourway.

There will be lots of new yarns soon at Getknitted, there is my DK, which is up, and also some really pretty silks.

Here are some Gloves knitted in the foxglove DK:


The great thing about these are that they are knitted on two needles! I'll publish the pattern soon.

Next up a shot of a scarf made of the silk boucle:


And here is a close up:


The colours in this photo are pretty true to life.

Thanks to everyone who purchased the 'Oliver special'.

I think I am going to have all my hair cut off, and have it really short.....

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Old Rose and a competition.

Lots going on as usual, focusing on making patterns and dyeing yarn for getknitted.

I have a new colourway which I am extremely fond of, but I'm not too sure the name is exactly right. So perhaps people would be kind enough to tell me what they think about whether the yarn and the name fits, (forget strawberry's and cream though, it's too pink for that). And if you do, they enter the chance to win some sock yarn in that colour. (I will pull a number out of a hat corresponding to the number of comments)

So here goes:

This is the flower which inspired the yarn colours:


This is the yarn drying on my washing line in the garden:

It's a little creamier in real life,  I so am desperate to make some socks with it.

So tell me what you think (be honest now!) and you will be entered into a competition win two skeins of Old rose sock yarn.

Oh and I have started tracking Sage's obsession with sleeping in boxes, he's such a cutie pie, he always sits with me while i'm dyeing and spinning.

Here is the first photo:


Monday, 8 August 2005


I am going to do a superduper post soon, I have purchased so much nice yarn recently it really deserves blogging about, however until that time, please take a look at Tracy's Blog and see her pansy socks made from my sock yarn, they are absolutely amazing!

Monday, 1 August 2005

I love knitting too much.

So, firstly there is a new shade of fyberspates sock yarn at Getknitted this is called wild foxglove and matches the colours exactly of a foxglove randomly growing in the middle of my Mother's lawn. I have to say this is my favourite of them all.

I am now on holiday for 4 weeks!!!!! I have so much to do, designing, dyeing, and generally getting the business on it's feet. It's so exciting.

I have spun loads and dyed loads, so i'll post some pictures soon. Today I received an unexpected copy of vogue knitting, and I have to say, this issue is amazing, I did get tears of excitement this morning when I read it. And I am so compelled to make the cardigan on the front, its so 'arty farty', (a nice term to describe things which are ... well, a bit more on the arty side)  exactly the type of knitting I adore, and the types of things I can only hope to design one day. So I am going to try and dye my own wool and knit it.

Hopefully now I'll do more regular posts now I am at home, but you know me.....promises, promises!!