Sunday, 14 August 2005

Old Rose and a competition.

Lots going on as usual, focusing on making patterns and dyeing yarn for getknitted.

I have a new colourway which I am extremely fond of, but I'm not too sure the name is exactly right. So perhaps people would be kind enough to tell me what they think about whether the yarn and the name fits, (forget strawberry's and cream though, it's too pink for that). And if you do, they enter the chance to win some sock yarn in that colour. (I will pull a number out of a hat corresponding to the number of comments)

So here goes:

This is the flower which inspired the yarn colours:


This is the yarn drying on my washing line in the garden:

It's a little creamier in real life,  I so am desperate to make some socks with it.

So tell me what you think (be honest now!) and you will be entered into a competition win two skeins of Old rose sock yarn.

Oh and I have started tracking Sage's obsession with sleeping in boxes, he's such a cutie pie, he always sits with me while i'm dyeing and spinning.

Here is the first photo:


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