Saturday, 29 January 2011

Visiting the UNIT

Hello peeps!!

I just wanted to say, that you are able to come and visit the unit, but make sure you ask me in advance to confirm a date, I travel loads and I am not  a retail outlet so I am not there all the time. But I do welcome visitors and group visits, I have ALOT of yarn to squish ;)

So just email me if you ever want to come ;)


Friday, 21 January 2011

Little treats

As you guys know I am being strict with all purchases because I am on a mission to clear some rather large debts (which I have to add is going swimingly, I can actually see an end in sight, more on that soon Ihope, but can't say yet!).

It does mean that I don't buy stuff very often, but sometimes you need a treat right? So very occasionally I buy something gorgeous, because it just makes life a little more fun.

I love ceramics...and well I found this company on Folksy these are beautiful, rustic ceramics which warm the soul. I had to have these:




Just cuteness isn't it?? And the great thing about the mug was that it keeps tea really hot.

I am just off to have a bowl of porridge in my new bowl :)


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

As if the yarn wasn't enough

Having spent three days working our way through as many patterns as possible, Thursday was treat day. We had a fairly slow start to the morning, as there were shade cards to be finished and parcels to be posted before we could head to the bright lights of the capital. Our aim was yarn and all good things knitting related.

Indulgence was the name of the day, so we started with a fabulous set lunch at Thai Square Angel. It was completely delicious, and has inspired me to make Pad Thai this weekend – one of my favourite noodle dishes. Jeni and I both really enjoyed the mixture of different tastes that came in our beautifully presented lunchbox. It was a real treat.


Then I couldn’t be held back from pattern purchases: Knitscene Fall 2010, Ori Ami Knits and two loose sheet patterns.


And Jeni fell in love with some really squishy yarn.

Before we knew it time was up and we were heading west again. We could have spent much longer yarn crawling all over London. Something for another day I think!

The day ended in something of an annoying way, as all of my trains home were delayed and I managed to get on the wrong train at Westbury. Luckily I only ended up in Warminster (rather than Frome) it could have been much worse!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Resisting Temptation

I think that I deserve some kind of award! I have been staying with Jeni for 3 days, and hanging out at the workshop, and so far at least, no new yarn has made its way into my bag.

Sorry, I should introduce myself first.  My name's Jen and I am a knitting geek. I'm working with Jeni to develop patterns for Fyberspates, and after 3 days surrounded by yarn, my willpower is starting to crack.  

We've done a lot of work over the past few days, and lots of the plans are starting to fall into place. But the yarn is always there - out of the corner of your eye there's a twinkle of Sparkle Sock or the beautiful sheen of some Elegance. This one was new to me - Elegance is a heavy laceweight made from 65% silk and 35% baby camel - and the colours are extraordinary! There's a green and a dark pink that just make my mouth water. They look like raspberries nestled in fresh green leaves in mid-summer.  Just what you need to brighten up a dingy winter day.

Summer Elegance

But I really don't need any more yarn. I know that need doesn't really come into it, but I have plenty of Fyberspates at home just waiting to be knitted up into pretty designs.  I've got 7 hanks of Scrumptious Aran for Jeni's Talia jacket design as well as 7 hanks of Scrumptious DK in Water for a design that's been in my head for a while.  And let's not mention the Sheila's Sock - it will get embarrassing!

You can see how I have made sure to position myself with my back to the beauteous wall of yarn.  I'm not sure if that was enough...


And so, after 3 days of holding strong and resisting, I'm not sure I can hold out any longer.  Something is bound to make its way into my bag for the journey home. It would be rude not to.

Could you resist? And do you have any tips to help me resist? I'll be back again soon, so I could use some advice!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jen is here!!!

Well I have the lovely Jen Arnall Culliford (formally tech editor extrodinaire of the Knitter magazine) and now wondefully free lance,  staying with me this week, and we are working on our pattern collection for Scrumptious which will be published this spring.

We are working hard and having alot of fun....and I thought it might be nice if she did a bit of guest blogging for me so you have something interesting to read, lol!!

So next blog will be from Jen :)