Friday, 29 December 2006

New Years!!!!!

Hi Folks.

I am going away from tomorrow until the 5th of Jan, so no items in the shop will be shipped until the 6th of January.

Sock club sign ups for receiving yarn in January run until the 5th, and sign ups after this,will have their yarn sent from February to April.

There are some new bag kits in the kits section, with the new squishy, and some pink and plum sock yarn as featured in the January issue of Knit today magazine.

Happy New year people, I'm off to Grenada in Spain to see Sole and Carmen, I'm soooooo excited. I'll take lots of photo. Anyone know of any good yarn shops in Grenada?

Hmm maybe I should take some wholesale packs. hehhehehehhe

Have a great one.

OH here is me flying my kite:

Kite_004 xxxx

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

My Christmas present.

So, I had no idea about what boyf was gonna buy me for christmas. So I had no idea what my pressie was going to be, to be honest, all I wanted for christmas was just wanted to have fun and not feel sad or anything. Not only that as you get older presents kind of get boring. So what did I get? A vacumm cleaner!................................. No only kidding!!!!! Hohohohhohohohohohohoh!

I got a power kite! Yes a real huge, 2m square power kite! I was completely gobsmacked, I think this comes to the top of the list of best presents ever. I had a go on one of these in the summer at a beach party, and I was in the air most of the time, cause the wind was so strong, and what I love is the boards with wheels and buggy's you can use the kite to pull you along.

Here is a link so you can see some pics of the kites and stuff. They are fantastic!!!!!!! And how much wind do you think there has been?

NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow we are on a mission to fly the kite, boyf's gonna take pictures. I am absolutely trembling with excitment!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Happy christmas

Happy holidays everyone.

You know why I love christmas?

Cause it means knitting time.

My favourite way to spend time, well nearly my fav.

Have a great one.


Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Bits and peices

Right so this weekend is the last weekend of dyeing before Christmas, so any custom orders need to be ordered by Sat, to be in time for posting for Christmas, I will update the shop on Monday for shopping over the Christmas holidays.

There are lots of things in the shop which would make brilliant presents for knitters and spinners, including the sock club, sock yarn, spinning kits and knitting kits. If you don't see a colour you like for any of these, I am happy to do colours to your specifications, just make sure you let me know B4 sat.

There will be a huge fyber update as well on Monday, for any Christmas spinning needs.

Okey dokey, off to my Social Psychology Christmas lunch with the gang, lots of yummy Italian food, wine, and our traditional ice skating session on the winter wonderland. Ahh.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006


Right so that was so weird hearing my voice on the radio. Anth and Betsan sounded great, I don't think I'm cut out for things like that though I get too excited and babble a bit, hehe. If you want to listen to it, its here I'll have to practice my interview techniques before I'm good enough to go on desert island disks. :-)

Oh and my name is not Jenny Green, any one interested in the knitting experiment that want to contact me are going to have a job finding me now!!!! Its jeni Brown, well actually its Jeni Hewlett now!

Monday, 11 December 2006

'How to knit a poem'

So the radio 4 series 'How to knit a poem' which I took part in starts today. We are not too sure which one we are in, I thought it was tomorrow but Marie thinks it might be today, so listen to them all (they run today to thursday), they are about knitting afterall. It starts at 3.45 pm GMT today, here is the link for radio 4 and the programme. V exciting!

I'm in today's (12th dec) 3.45!! Yay!!

Monday, 4 December 2006

Cardigans and yarn

I've updated the web shop with some mixed yarn shawl kits and some mohair shawl kits. The mixed shawl kits now contains the new yummy silk yarn:

Ebay_007  These contain three yarns; mohair loop for texture, silk and wool singles for shine and a lace weight mohair for a gentle haze.

Sock yarn, just something a little different to my usual stuff, will be doing some more of this:


Oh yes and seeing as my store room if full of yummy things, I've been organising and finding odds and ends of old ranges of yarn, and I've put them in the eBay shop.

Right, so I've been in the mood to finish things and I finished my Noro koreyon cardigan, which has been going for a year, I lost the pattern so had to make up the last sleeve, in addition I accidentally gave the last ball of yarn away and had to add one which is kind of similar on the right arm (on the left), a little different, but I like it! Love the buttons as well, can't remember where I got them now.


Sock club sign ups still going till just b4 Christmas