Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Slightly over dramatic statement, but thats how it feels.

I couldn't sleep last night for stressing about my entire life, business seems to get to a point in growth where you are no longer doing the thing you love, but doing all the things you HATE.

I have two tax returns to do, because the new company starts tomorrow, plus two vat returns, because all the accounts fall accross two deadlines, although these are not strictly for tomorrow, they have to be done soon, so along with working with my accountant, and bookeeper, we are getting somewhere, but really there is so much to be done. Not to mention wholesale is keeping me so busy I can't blink, any thoughts of the clubs being resurected is gone, they aint gonna happen. I know I will adjust to working in a different way, but I was thinking the other day, just because I have more orders, it does not mean more money, it means my costs go up in wages, materials, rent, tax, COFFEE AND TEA AND BOXES. ARGHHHHHH! Someone said to me the other day, small is beautiful in business, and I am starting to understand what that means.

Don't get me wrong, I am 30% excited, and 70% stressed, so the balance although not quite there, is ok for the moment. I am learning my limits too, like no clubs and only very few custom orders, and I need to streamline considerably anything which is not profitable, goodness, I am understanding business so much now and why people do and don't sell things. I think I preffered it when I was nieve and just did what I felt like.

I am not moaning, don't get me wrong, I am simply adjusting, and it just looks like a massive mountain, and I feel like I have only 6 inch heels to climb it in.

If I don't blog much for the next week or so, its because I am busy, I am going to update the shop everyday so that its not such a huge task, there is so much blimin yarn to go on, oh by the way, I have a few vendors with my yarns at Allypally next week, I will list who has what early next week.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Sale - yay!

OK, I need to get rid of lots of things before I get my accounts done on the 1st of OCT, that includes stock which has been hanging around for an age, and also I have some old scrumptious space dyed which needs to go too, so basically, today is sale day.

I am going to start updating now...everything for the sale will ONLY go in the sale page happy shopping, there wll be some rather nice bargains ;)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fyberspates OPEN DAY 31st OCT


So provisionally my open day is going to be on Saturday the 31st of Oct!

There will be cakes, sandwiches and champagne seeing as we have lots to celebrate!!

There will be lots and lots of yarn and there is plenty of space to sit and knit and spin, and there is loads and loads of parking!

Please keep track of my posts here to check the details, leading up to it, and all my customers are welcome, I would love to have an idea if you are coming, just so I make sure we have cake for everyone!!!!

The Address is:


The Maintenance Room,

The Nalder Estate,

East Challow,

Nr Wantage,


OX12 9SY



Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Graceful - The knitter

OK, so I have so many things to catch up on here, I need to get back into my daily blog rhythm, but its not easy when there is so much going on. I will announce the date for the open day probably tomorrow and show you the new scrumptious solids

Ohhhh, and I will also be updating the shop throughout the week, its a little low on stock.

But for today, I wanted to show you something I am very proud of, I think this has to be my favourite design I have ever done, I have been messing about with the lace pattern for over a year, and always in the chunky scrumptious, and  decided to see if I could put it in a Garment, and well, Graceful is the result. Its been published in Issue 10 of The Knitter (just out now).

Scrumptious jumper - the knitter

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Shop all fixed

Shop is back to normal, dyeing like a crazy woman for Iknit, so its a quick post xxx

Monday, 7 September 2009

Website is down...

OK, shopcreator the company that hosts my website has completely gone down, and my website with it, they told me it will return this evening, although its still not there, but I am sure they will get it fixed in the next few hours, so don't worry, I have not disappeared. It also means thought that I can't view my orders from the weekend to pack them, so they will go tomorrow, providing the website is up, grrrrrrrrr

 I have the weekend to blog about (which was awesome) and my mums choc fudge cake recipe which everyone wants, lol. So I'll do that when the site is back up and its all back to normal.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blimin busy!

Right, I am off now to the Chapel for the weekend of classes with Annie, and I am really looking forward to it.

I am struggling to get all my administration and actually get dyeing work done at the moment, I am trying my hardest to get ready for iknit, and I am getting there, but there are going to have to be some seriously long days next week, to get ready, I want loads of gorgeous colours. At least I don't have to worry about the weather any more, it can rain all it likes!!!

I am going to become a registered company from oct 1st, I am too busy to be excited about the fact that I will be a director, but sounds kinda cool doesn't it?? Although my accountant did say there were more directors in prison than any other profession. Um, thanks for that....

Have a lovely weekend, I will post pics on monday of our weekend.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wow!!! Fyberspates Bunting, thanks so much folks.

Apparently a little while ago a certain lovely freind Karen organised a secret KAL for a fyberspates knitted bunting, and it was made for my new Unit, clearly I had no idea, she kept saying, I can't wait to give you your moving in present, and well, although I was intrigued, I never really think about presents too much, lol.

Anyway it turns out she rallied lots of you guys to knit little triangles in my yarn for this amazing bunting, got it shipped from all over the world and threaded it up ready for her visit on Friday.

To tell the truth when I opened it, I was completely gobsmacked, I think because I am one of those people who would rather something home made than something bought from a shop, because I relish the effort made. I think for the first time in a very long time I was speechless, and actually I didn't really know how to deal with it; that customers/freinds, alot of who I have never met, knit triangles for me, for my bunting. I did actually manage not to cry, although really I felt like it, because I felt so overwhelmed.

I want to say thankyou, thankyou so so much if you contributed, you have no idea how much it means to me. When I hung it up on sat in the unit, I felt choked, it was a bit like crowning this special space which I know in my gutts is going to be very special, alot of special things are going to happen, I just know it.

If you are coming to the openday you will get to see it, I also have a seperate one with 'fyberspates' on it, - a letter on each triangle, and this will come to EVERY show with me from now on, so if you are going to IKNIT, you will see it.

I have never had anything like this before, so everytime I look at it, I feel so happy, a little bit connected to my lovely customers who I consider my freinds.

Thanks loads and loads and loads, if you want to see much better  pics (its not very easy to get the light right in here)  than are here you can read Karens blog, thanks karen for organising it, you are a sweetheart.