Wednesday, 31 January 2007

'Green hands', A short poem by Jen

I've got green hands,

Cause I can't stand,

the sweaty gloves,

thats dyers love,

to keep hands clean,

So mine are green.

*giggle giggle*

Monday, 29 January 2007

Hmm I'm in denial.

So whats been going on? Well......

1. Showcase was fab, extremely enlightening, its mainly a wholesale show so was more of an exploration for me, however did get to meet lots of people and source some yummy things for the shop. More on that soon.

2. Spilt a cup of tea on my fairly new laptop, so couldn't see my flipping orders or get on line, but it seems to have recovered after I dried it on the radiator for a couple of days. Hmm I can hear cringing. That did mean I got some knitting/designing done finally, ready for the next couple of shows and for the shop.

4. Dyed loads more sock club wool cause its so damned popular, in fact I won't actually be able to launch the new alpaca sock yarn cause its all sold out as soon as I got it. The only way you can try it is if you join the sock club. Was also thinking about providing an extension to the sock club, not sure what people think?

3. I'm in denial about my tax return I have to submit by tomorrow. Obviously having no access to my accounts which were on my laptop, I could continue to procrastinate  about them for a while longer. Now I've kind of got no Choice, However Elly is coming to do some adding up for me. So at least she'll make me do it.

I'll post some photo's of some pretty flowery gloves I made from my scrumptious. Ohh I think space dyeds arrive this week yay!!

Friday, 19 January 2007

Showcase Ireland

I'm going to showcase Ireland with my wooly freind tomorrow! Yipee, Im sooooooooooo excited! I'm gonna take my camera, and I promise to take lots of pics!

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Yarn, um, yarn, and oh more yarn!

I know I am so cruel to show you photo's of lucious wool and I try to restrain myself, but today I can't. I got pics and more pics and oh more pics.

So shop has been updated with firstly some new scrumptious yarn, the um rather luxurious Dk silk and wool mix: here is a colour taster:


My favourite is the foxglove colourway, I'm so tempted to dye some more and make a clapotis.

Second, I've been refining my dyeing techniques and have been having a little too much fun, here is the result:

Bluefaced_1 Bluefaced sock yarn.

Sock_foxglove Well this is my favourite of all time, fox glove!

Sock_hanans Oh and Hannahs' summer, i'm feeling warm already.

Have you any idea how hard it is not to have enough time to knit it all just for me? Hand on brow, with a big grin. hehe.

Right so seems like words getting around about sock club, thanks so much for those that are loving it and have left comments and emailed, its so nice to have feedback, and we'll keep this baby going, cause its way too much fun to stop!

Does the women actually ever knit? Um yes, I sometimes forget I knit things for ME, so here are my kite flying gloves I wipped up over new year holidays, i'll post the pattern free somewhere, it only takes 1 skein of my squishy, emial me if you want the pattern.

Here is one:Cabled_fingerless_mit

Right thats enough visual stimulation for one day, don't forget if you want a mail order catalogue with all my yarns in they are in the shop for £2.


Monday, 15 January 2007

Happy mondays.

So, weekend was a success. Flew my kite on sat morning, well I said fly, actually, boyf was pulled along on his arse by the kite in the mud, because the wind was so strong. I sat back with my woolly warmers on and laughed and laughed and laughed. I had a go for about 30 seconds and decided I like my dungarees the colour they are, and handed the kite back to the crazy boy. Sunday, well what else is there to do on a Sunday but dyeing wool huh? I had a large order to finish, and wanted to make some things to put in the shop, Elly worked hard on making my lots of wholesale and retail order packs, (she is a complete star!) yes if you want one, they are in the shop under accessories and cost £2.00 cause they take an age to make.

So Guess who had a go at dyeing wool? well actually he volunteered; boyf decided he wanted to understand how to do it so he can build me a proper functional workshop, um gulp, right. So obviously being a trusting type of person, I gave him the most expensive yarn I have to sell, (scrumptious) to see what he could do, and to be fair, he did some really pretty colourways, they will be up in the shop as soon as they are dried. In fact, hopefully I'll have lots of pics for you tomorrow.

I was thinking its a shame cause I have to knit for deadlines now, often mostly which I can't show cause they are for mags and stuff, so I realise there is not too much knitting stuff on here sometimes. Anyway I have a new pattern for the site, which I'm very proud of, so I'll get Elly to take a pic of me in it and I'll post it, after all I did knit it myself and design it, so that kind of cool.

OK off to carry on with my results section for my experiments.


Thursday, 11 January 2007

Happy thursday!

Afternoon Guapita's and Guapo's.

Sock yarn for the sock club should be with the Brits today! Hope you like, I'm loving it so much, its sooo soft, but not gonna spoil it for those whose is still on its way by giving you any more info.

I'm gonna just keep the Fyberspates Sock club going as it is, and if you order in the month you will start that month and then carry on from then on. I enjoyed dyeing it so much, I can't wait to do the next lot! I will endevour to find new yarns, incase you lot want to sign up for another one. I was thinking about doing a cushion club too, seeing as me and elly have lots of ideas, leave a comment if you think you would be interested. I will also do a lace one, but the patterns for that will take a little time, so it won't be quite yet!

So new line of space dyed yarns are due to arrive in a week or so, then i'll pop them on the site, I'm so excited, they are lovely. Oh oh!! Now you can buy fyberspates yarns at K1 yarns in Scotland. I tell you, its all going on here!! I'm loving it, a fantastic kick start to this fantastic bright shiney new year.

Hey, just want to say hello to my wool supplier and tell him how fab he is, cause he is, I wouldn't be without him. ;-)

I am so in the mood for dyeing, you just wouldn't believe, I'm going to do some nice one off little batches of sock yarn at the weekend cause I'm in the mood!


Monday, 8 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy new year everyone!!!!!!

Blimey, I know I'm about 7 days late with this! hehehe. Just got back from Grenada in Spain which was a well needed rest, I haven't felt so refreshed for a very very long time. It was fantastic, although I think I drank a little to much, but you know me and wine. Thanks to Carman, Carmen No 2, Sole, Marchin, Ronni, Eric and Fran and of course sweetiepie for the best holiday in a long time, I love spain so much, it doea have the best food in the world. I did find a yarn shop but it was in a word 'minging'. Acrylic anyone? Nope, not in my 'ouse. We found another one, which looked not too bad, but it was closed unfortunately, still its not as though I need it is it?

So anyone see my socks in 'Knit today'? Yeah baby Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe. As a result came back to lots of orders, oh its such a hard life :-)

Yes back to my normal unstructured jibber jabber!

What else? Ahh, yes seeing as I am feeling creative again, I finished the sock club yarn on Sat, I had to do some extra for me and Elly cause we were loving it just a little too much! Elly wrote the pattern to go with  this months sock yarn and thats lovely too, but I'm not giving any clues away, you'll just have to wait and see. It'll be shipped tomorrow anyway. I did do a little extra just incase I have some late signups, but you got till tonight people!

I also worked on a new colourway, which I'm gonna call Grenada after it was inspired by my wonderful holiday. Here is the silk/wool blend in it:


This is now in the shop, it's £13.99 per 100gms (220m) approximately dk weight, This is a new yarn from fyberspates called Scrumptious, its 55% wool and 45% silk its got a beautiful shine and softness. Hmm can you tell I'm loving it a little too much? Move away from the scrumptious Jen. Hope to have quite alot of patterns for this v soon. I can dye colours too order too, lots more colours of this from the weekend.

I will do some sock yarn in  this colour too, case I think it would make beautiful socks.