Thursday, 11 January 2007

Happy thursday!

Afternoon Guapita's and Guapo's.

Sock yarn for the sock club should be with the Brits today! Hope you like, I'm loving it so much, its sooo soft, but not gonna spoil it for those whose is still on its way by giving you any more info.

I'm gonna just keep the Fyberspates Sock club going as it is, and if you order in the month you will start that month and then carry on from then on. I enjoyed dyeing it so much, I can't wait to do the next lot! I will endevour to find new yarns, incase you lot want to sign up for another one. I was thinking about doing a cushion club too, seeing as me and elly have lots of ideas, leave a comment if you think you would be interested. I will also do a lace one, but the patterns for that will take a little time, so it won't be quite yet!

So new line of space dyed yarns are due to arrive in a week or so, then i'll pop them on the site, I'm so excited, they are lovely. Oh oh!! Now you can buy fyberspates yarns at K1 yarns in Scotland. I tell you, its all going on here!! I'm loving it, a fantastic kick start to this fantastic bright shiney new year.

Hey, just want to say hello to my wool supplier and tell him how fab he is, cause he is, I wouldn't be without him. ;-)

I am so in the mood for dyeing, you just wouldn't believe, I'm going to do some nice one off little batches of sock yarn at the weekend cause I'm in the mood!


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