Monday, 29 January 2007

Hmm I'm in denial.

So whats been going on? Well......

1. Showcase was fab, extremely enlightening, its mainly a wholesale show so was more of an exploration for me, however did get to meet lots of people and source some yummy things for the shop. More on that soon.

2. Spilt a cup of tea on my fairly new laptop, so couldn't see my flipping orders or get on line, but it seems to have recovered after I dried it on the radiator for a couple of days. Hmm I can hear cringing. That did mean I got some knitting/designing done finally, ready for the next couple of shows and for the shop.

4. Dyed loads more sock club wool cause its so damned popular, in fact I won't actually be able to launch the new alpaca sock yarn cause its all sold out as soon as I got it. The only way you can try it is if you join the sock club. Was also thinking about providing an extension to the sock club, not sure what people think?

3. I'm in denial about my tax return I have to submit by tomorrow. Obviously having no access to my accounts which were on my laptop, I could continue to procrastinate  about them for a while longer. Now I've kind of got no Choice, However Elly is coming to do some adding up for me. So at least she'll make me do it.

I'll post some photo's of some pretty flowery gloves I made from my scrumptious. Ohh I think space dyeds arrive this week yay!!

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