Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Farnham maltings - Unravel and dyeing workshops

Right, I can never just do one topic in a post can I!

First of all, if you are coming to Unravel on Saturday or Sunday you are in for a treat. We are just putting the finishing touches to my stand setup, I decided I wanted a sort of French market theme with tiered layers, and it looks cracking!!! I shall be looking rather professional ;)

Brian is coming on Saturday, so he will take some pics, he's been instructed. The gorgeous yarn and TONNES OF FIBRE is all packaged up into bags, I think the only way you will recognise me is that I have a humongous sign, hahahahahaha.

Secondly, I am going to be running workshops in the Unit, first two have been put on the website, one is the 13th of March and the second is the 1st of may. If you are up for it, go sign up, cost is 50 pounds, its alot of fun I promise you :)

Right, back to the labelling ;)


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fyberspates wholesale

Ur, really wanted to write about Unravel, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Here is the thing about wholesale. IF YOU ARE A SHOP and you want to buy from me wholesale you need to contact me and no body else. I have a distributor for scrumptious dk ONLY, they do not distribute or wholesale any other of my yarns from the hand dyed or the rest of the scrumptious range. You can purchase ALL of my yarns from me wholesale and we have stocks of everything. I just need to make that clear because people are asking the distributor for my yarns and they are not referring them to me, and the issue is getting very confused and complicated and my customers are unsure how to get hold of my yarns.

If you want your local shop to sell my yarn, please ask them to get in touch with me.

The end.



Thursday, 18 February 2010

Special guests

haha, Brian is tidying, and I am labeling and updating like a crazy woman, as we have special visitors tomorrow, and I am well excited :) hehe!!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010


About time I blogged huh???

Well as usual things are busy, which is fabulous, but today I feel like I have no life, lol, but thats the price you pay for wanting to get somewhere, no pain no gain, that's what I keep reminding myself!! hehe. I am however consoled by the fact that if I did ever manage to stop work early enough to knit or spin, I have some incredible yarns and fibres to use, haha ;s No really its not that bad, we are in the throws of busy season now and it doesn't end until August time, which is ok cause we have LOTS of exciting things to do in the next six months. Good thing though is that I have to start taking a day out a week for designing, this will mean pj's, coffee, knitting and cosyness/ and inevitably tearing my hear out, but while the dream still lasts I shall see it with rose tinted glasses, lol.

So update on the inside wool world, there is not enough wool to go around in the world and china is consuming it like there is no tomorrow, so wool prices are going through the roof, this means that yarn prices across most yarn companies big and small will now go up in the next few months, but at least it should also effect the price of clothing too so it should stay in balance.

I had the great good fortune on the weekend to raid Mr Wools shed of fibre and yarn, and found three bumps of incredible deliciousness, one is Falkland superwash, which is currently blowing my mind with gorgeousness, some extra fine 14.5 micron superwash merino, and some yummy merino nylon blend, so we have been playing and there is gonna be some fibre this week on the update, here are just a few of the Falkland, the pics don't convey the gorgeousness of them....its so damned plump and soft!


and I have something like 50 packs of sparkle fibres too

OOOOHHH and is anyone coming to Farnham, to Unravel next weekend?? I am desperate for a social trip, (shows for me are always social) i am soooooo looking forward to it. I have just a tonne of stuff for it, lol.

Friday, 12 February 2010

2 new patterns......

I am very lucky to have great designers designing patterns in my yarns, I have two absolutely beautiful designs to show you today that are in the shop, (I just need to get the details of the cardi in there, but its very economical.

The first is Carol Fellers' beautiful Captiva wrap made from 2 - 3 hanks of scrumptious dk.....gorgeous or what???



The second is Lien Nego's Arachne cardigan, this is a lovely cardi, the first design to be made for the scrumptious 4ply, I LOVE this little lacey cardi its sooooo cute! This also is very very economical, I waited til I had loads of 4ply in the shop for gonna make one myself...

Modelled 8

Both patterns are on the new arrivals page with this weeks update


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Knitting mojo

It has to be said, I had totally lost mine big time. Even at Christmas while lying sick on the sofa I couldn't even bear to pick up the sticks and string. And actually I haven't knitted anything substantial, for oooh probably about 5 months, (I have done some gloves and things, but no sweaters) I feel ashamed even saying that!

But the other night, I picked up my owl jumper and Joined the sleeves to the body and was consumed, to the point where I actually finished it, and now I am desperate to cast on something else. I have 2 designs in mind, so I am concentrating on those at the moment.

But thought you might like to see my owl jumper. Only downside is that the yarn is maybe not quite right for the project, (ITS NOT MY YARN), its mirasol, and it fluffs up way too much, although it makes a warm jumper, but not that great for cable definition, should have used scrumptious chunky, lol!.

You can find the pattern on RAV, its call 'OWLS'

Small owls 

Shop update 3rd feb 068

Shop update 3rd feb 069

Friday, 5 February 2010

Probably the best shop update ever

I think this is probably the biggest and best shop update I have ever done, I wish you could be here in person to see the yarn, its just beautiful. And there are jumper quantities of everything, sock, arans, and scrumptious 4ply.

I'll just put the pictures up, I can't say much more...

Shop update 3rd feb 029
Sheilas aran in dark corn field. (mind blowing in real life)

Shop update 3rd feb 039
  New Shetland sock in Jester

Sheilas sock autumnal
Sheilas sock in autumnal

Shop update 3rd feb 043
Scrumptious 4ply in 'makes me smile'

Shop update 3rd feb 036
And sheilas aran in Monet.

Really I could keep going, but I have alot more to still add, so go take a look :)


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

we have been playing....

Ok, so its not easy to produce large quantities of things with so much to do and still create amazing colours, the best colours take time, thought and alot of indulgence. So we have been playing with colours this week, using different methods of dyeing to get kilo lots of each type of  yarn in stunning blended colours.

Oh my god, I have been so excited, lol!!!! If you said colour theory to me, I would say huh?? I mean I generally under stand colour, but not in a scientific sense, Brian on the other hand is all about the science. So we discuss colours and he explains why it happens,  know it happens, but no idea why, lol!! But we have been experimenting with some rather different methods which have had some incredible results, its something I started to play with last year, and sometimes do. Anyway its top secret, but it means you might see some other colours and shades maybe that I haven't done before. We have been messing about creating golds, bronzes, ochres, plums, blues and hazy greens, its making me excited writing about it.

I walked around the workshop and took some photos, its looking amazing in here at the moment, a total hub of industry. The wholesale took of with a bang, don't forget if you want Fyberspates in your local shop, get them to ask for a wholesale pack :)

Wholesale friday 043 

Wholesale friday 044

Wholesale friday 045