Wednesday, 17 February 2010


About time I blogged huh???

Well as usual things are busy, which is fabulous, but today I feel like I have no life, lol, but thats the price you pay for wanting to get somewhere, no pain no gain, that's what I keep reminding myself!! hehe. I am however consoled by the fact that if I did ever manage to stop work early enough to knit or spin, I have some incredible yarns and fibres to use, haha ;s No really its not that bad, we are in the throws of busy season now and it doesn't end until August time, which is ok cause we have LOTS of exciting things to do in the next six months. Good thing though is that I have to start taking a day out a week for designing, this will mean pj's, coffee, knitting and cosyness/ and inevitably tearing my hear out, but while the dream still lasts I shall see it with rose tinted glasses, lol.

So update on the inside wool world, there is not enough wool to go around in the world and china is consuming it like there is no tomorrow, so wool prices are going through the roof, this means that yarn prices across most yarn companies big and small will now go up in the next few months, but at least it should also effect the price of clothing too so it should stay in balance.

I had the great good fortune on the weekend to raid Mr Wools shed of fibre and yarn, and found three bumps of incredible deliciousness, one is Falkland superwash, which is currently blowing my mind with gorgeousness, some extra fine 14.5 micron superwash merino, and some yummy merino nylon blend, so we have been playing and there is gonna be some fibre this week on the update, here are just a few of the Falkland, the pics don't convey the gorgeousness of them....its so damned plump and soft!


and I have something like 50 packs of sparkle fibres too

OOOOHHH and is anyone coming to Farnham, to Unravel next weekend?? I am desperate for a social trip, (shows for me are always social) i am soooooo looking forward to it. I have just a tonne of stuff for it, lol.


  1. Not enough wool to go 'round? Damn, I knew my stash would have an effect. Sorry about that ;)
    Hope everything goes well with your visitors tomorrow x

  2. That fibre looks lush!! The last one is my fav! I was just thinking today that it's getting upto show season...the year just goes by so fast. At least you can't complain you have nothing to do ;) xx

  3. The rovings are nice yeah, but i don't know how to spin. I shall have to learn. But spinning is not really my thing I spend all my time knitting, but the colours are yummy you're right. How many roving skeins for a jumper say size 12???
    My stash is taking over my Lounge I guess that's why there is a wool shortage cos its in my lounge, hee, hee. My stash is not much compared to yours lucky you. I'm off downstairs and getting me Tea then nuggle down in me quilt and getting on with me pruple aran twee. Can't weait.