Friday, 12 February 2010

2 new patterns......

I am very lucky to have great designers designing patterns in my yarns, I have two absolutely beautiful designs to show you today that are in the shop, (I just need to get the details of the cardi in there, but its very economical.

The first is Carol Fellers' beautiful Captiva wrap made from 2 - 3 hanks of scrumptious dk.....gorgeous or what???



The second is Lien Nego's Arachne cardigan, this is a lovely cardi, the first design to be made for the scrumptious 4ply, I LOVE this little lacey cardi its sooooo cute! This also is very very economical, I waited til I had loads of 4ply in the shop for gonna make one myself...

Modelled 8

Both patterns are on the new arrivals page with this weeks update



  1. Lovely patterns but some crochet ones would be great :-)

  2. There are some preople in my hometown to do the similar work in this area.

  3. In china ,there are many women can do these work.

  4. I think the first one looks more beautiful than the second one.

  5. Oh I love the cardi, trouble is I'm not young and stick thin. Can your designers make some s=patterns up for real women in 40-50's and size 26+ there is absolutely nothing in mags for this size range and all the models are young blonde and airbrushed and stick insects makes me sick. Real women have curves some are bigger than others and not all blonde I'm a redhead, so what blondes wear is not suitable for redheads, blonds in mags are always in blues so inappropriate.