Friday, 5 February 2010

Probably the best shop update ever

I think this is probably the biggest and best shop update I have ever done, I wish you could be here in person to see the yarn, its just beautiful. And there are jumper quantities of everything, sock, arans, and scrumptious 4ply.

I'll just put the pictures up, I can't say much more...

Shop update 3rd feb 029
Sheilas aran in dark corn field. (mind blowing in real life)

Shop update 3rd feb 039
  New Shetland sock in Jester

Sheilas sock autumnal
Sheilas sock in autumnal

Shop update 3rd feb 043
Scrumptious 4ply in 'makes me smile'

Shop update 3rd feb 036
And sheilas aran in Monet.

Really I could keep going, but I have alot more to still add, so go take a look :)



  1. I'm looking, I'm looking - tis beautiful! :D

  2. Just when I thought I was immune to the colours ... ah me.

  3. Its all just too stunning for words Keep it coming. I would like some chunky not much choice in chunky. I'm after some nice D Bliss Como type chunky skeins. I love the Sheila's sock ones but my fave has to be jester, its right up my street the colours are perfect cos I'm a clourful kina girl.