Monday, 29 June 2009

Back from Woolfest.

Woolfest was absolutely brill as always, lovely to see my customers and freinds. I did try and update the blog using the phone, but I am not quite used to it yet and I kept loosing the words and pics, lol, will keep trying though.

I am very close to finding a new workshop (I have a few meetings/trips on Thursday), but it means a big move, a really big move, so I am just sorting the stock levels on the website, and then on Wednesday I will be doing a big sale, on things which have been in stock for a while, there will be alot of white coned yarn, white hanks, Du-Store, and alot more, but it will be a HUGE sale, the Sale will start 10am on wednesday, but please bear in mind that things will not be sent out till early next week, because I have to travel the end of this week for the workshop meetings and Jo won't be working until MONDAY, but it should be alot of fun, I just need to spend the next few days updating the shop ready for Wednesday.

Sorry I seem a bit serious at the moment, there are so many changes happening that I just have my head down and ploughing through things.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Woolfest set up

Woolfest set up

We r here!!!

So here we are, and I'm blogging from my iPhone!!! And finally u will get pics all through the weekend yipppppeee! So these are setting up pics. Xx

Monday, 22 June 2009

Distribution for scrumptious :)

Things are totally mad, and my head is spinning, its only just sunk in that Woolfest is in a few days, not that I am too worried, I have lots of stock ready, just need to dye some more fibres and card up some yummy batts.

So you all know my solid scrumptious, that gorgeous gorgeous yarn, I got a distribution deal for it, starting September, so I am hoping soon it will be in most yarn stores around the UK, very exciting :)

Of course I had to expand the range, and there are 6 new gorgeous colours coming for autumn, I can not wait for those to arrive. So now really I need premises, so I am looking high and low for a permanent place for the business with a design workspace too, all very very exciting.

There is a new company as well in the making, but that's top secret for now, lol, I need to go and dye yarn so I can contemplate the crazyness that is happening.



Friday, 19 June 2009

Shop update - see you at 10am

Yup, today we have a lovely shop update with batts and sock yarn, and lots of it.

See you at 10am.

Don't forget, the person that find the shop monster and emails the order through, gets a free skein of yarn :)


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Getting fit with my Iphone!

God, I sound like a walking advert. So I am addicted to the iphone apps! I downloaded Ifit, its brilliant, I planned my workout, there are so many exercises on there without machines, and I can't be arsed paying for a gym when there isn't one for miles.

You can record your workout and your weight, and its a good app for me because there is lots of weight training on it. I went running last night, managed about 20 mins, which was pretty good I thought, and then did 40 minutes of weight training and various things which made my stomach hurt alot, infact my belly muscles don't know what has hit em, lol, but I think in a few weeks, that slightly wobbly belly will be no more, and my arse needs some dewobbling as well, so I am aiming for buns of steel! I am tracking my weight with it, but for me that's normally doesn't make any sense, when I used to weigh train all the time my weight would go up, but I was alot skinnier.

So I cast on for the OWL jumper, and blimey its a quick knit, I am already at the shaping already, and the yarn is lovely, I will find out what it is soon promise, its a bit boring to show you yet, but I expect there will be alot more progress by tomorrow.

So I am making the most of the sunshine to get lots of dyeing done today.


Monday, 15 June 2009

I got a new Iphone!!!

It had to be done really, and it was free on the contract, and I am in love with it, its shiny, and gorgeous, and amazing and and and.....I can download audio books which is sooo cool.

 I got Terry Pratchett's colour of magic for the first one, I tried to read it so many times, but there are too many abstract words in one sentence to read at the same time as trying to construct a kind of picture of the story, so I never managed to get far, but listening to is much easier. Any one recommend any free audio books or maybe some applications they love/can't do without??

Its helping to distract me from all that's going on, its a little bit overwhelming, but not in a bad way, just stretching myself out of my comfort zone a tad. I am loving designing, and just finished 'that' jumper for the Knitter (will be in the September issue), you will know which one I mean if you saw my knitting circle feature a few issues ago. Its  relief to say the least to have finished, I have some more editing of the pattern to do, but its pretty much done, and its gorgeous.

Still can't quite tell you the big news yet, but the first one, which I have been desperately wanting to tell you has been joined by a second equally as exciting thing, but again, I have to wait for contracts etc. But soon I promise, soon!

So tomorrow is dyeing day, I haven't done any dyeing for a week, and I miss it, so I will enjoy tomorrow, I expect it will rain, but hey, I don't mind, lol.

I have decided that after 7pm is knitting for me time only, no design knitting at all, which means I am allowed to start a new project seeing as I only have socks on the go, and I am going to make this: I have wanted to make it for ages, I could have used chunky scrumptious, but I wanted more of a wool look rather than something shiny and heavy. I have some mirasol chunky, so I am going to cast on tonight! Yipppeeee! xxx

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bad blogger!!

Things are busy to say the least, what with designing, distribution contracts, yup, you read it right, more later when plans are firmed up, but its completely crazy mad.

 I have ALOT of deadlines to work to this weekend, so I will hopefully surface Monday with relief, lol, but today, I had probably one of the most exciting design meetings ever ever ever, can't really say much at the moment, but big things are happening, things I could only dream of.

All I can manage is to clean and tidy this evening, and cook some food ready for my marathon work session on the weekend, quite looking forward to it actually, hehe,

oooh and I got an Iphone, and oh mygoodness, its AMAZING.



Monday, 8 June 2009

Ravelry day

Saturday was so much fun, however it rained and rained and rained, and we were outside, lol, so we did get quite wet and damp, and were were setting up from 7am, so I am so glad we all pitched in and just made the best of it.

I did make some purchases *shock horror* I know that's very unlike me, I bought some amazing hand spun from Babylonglegs and some sushi rolls from Easy knits, and I also did swapsies with the knitting goddess! Whats lovely is that the majority of us all get on so well, and laugh and share stories and so on, and I love that so much, because at the end of the day in a way we are the closest thing to work colleagues with eachother.

After our rather long and wet day we did go out and have beer and curry and all was good :)

I do have some stock left for a shop update today, so I shall grab a cuppa, unload the van and start slowly updating the shop.

I hope you had a lovely time if you came, and the weather didn't put you off :)


Friday, 5 June 2009

Ravelry day

Have been a bit quiet last few days, just because its been a bit mad really getting ready for ravelry day, but I'm nearly there and very excited.

Have dyed hair, colour will be a suprise, and chopped it as well, doesn't look to bad seeing as I did it with some crappy blunt scissors, hahahaha

Shop will be updated monday with the things I bring back

Come and say hello if you are coming ;)


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Competition winner

So my fav was Liw, which which is Welsh for colour/dye/hue thanks Vanessa :)

Will do  draw of answer if rav day tickets are not wanted