Friday, 12 June 2009

Bad blogger!!

Things are busy to say the least, what with designing, distribution contracts, yup, you read it right, more later when plans are firmed up, but its completely crazy mad.

 I have ALOT of deadlines to work to this weekend, so I will hopefully surface Monday with relief, lol, but today, I had probably one of the most exciting design meetings ever ever ever, can't really say much at the moment, but big things are happening, things I could only dream of.

All I can manage is to clean and tidy this evening, and cook some food ready for my marathon work session on the weekend, quite looking forward to it actually, hehe,

oooh and I got an Iphone, and oh mygoodness, its AMAZING.



1 comment:

  1. You GO Girl!! Hope everything works out for you and the weekend is fun as well as hard work :>) xx