Monday, 29 June 2009

Back from Woolfest.

Woolfest was absolutely brill as always, lovely to see my customers and freinds. I did try and update the blog using the phone, but I am not quite used to it yet and I kept loosing the words and pics, lol, will keep trying though.

I am very close to finding a new workshop (I have a few meetings/trips on Thursday), but it means a big move, a really big move, so I am just sorting the stock levels on the website, and then on Wednesday I will be doing a big sale, on things which have been in stock for a while, there will be alot of white coned yarn, white hanks, Du-Store, and alot more, but it will be a HUGE sale, the Sale will start 10am on wednesday, but please bear in mind that things will not be sent out till early next week, because I have to travel the end of this week for the workshop meetings and Jo won't be working until MONDAY, but it should be alot of fun, I just need to spend the next few days updating the shop ready for Wednesday.

Sorry I seem a bit serious at the moment, there are so many changes happening that I just have my head down and ploughing through things.