Monday, 15 June 2009

I got a new Iphone!!!

It had to be done really, and it was free on the contract, and I am in love with it, its shiny, and gorgeous, and amazing and and and.....I can download audio books which is sooo cool.

 I got Terry Pratchett's colour of magic for the first one, I tried to read it so many times, but there are too many abstract words in one sentence to read at the same time as trying to construct a kind of picture of the story, so I never managed to get far, but listening to is much easier. Any one recommend any free audio books or maybe some applications they love/can't do without??

Its helping to distract me from all that's going on, its a little bit overwhelming, but not in a bad way, just stretching myself out of my comfort zone a tad. I am loving designing, and just finished 'that' jumper for the Knitter (will be in the September issue), you will know which one I mean if you saw my knitting circle feature a few issues ago. Its  relief to say the least to have finished, I have some more editing of the pattern to do, but its pretty much done, and its gorgeous.

Still can't quite tell you the big news yet, but the first one, which I have been desperately wanting to tell you has been joined by a second equally as exciting thing, but again, I have to wait for contracts etc. But soon I promise, soon!

So tomorrow is dyeing day, I haven't done any dyeing for a week, and I miss it, so I will enjoy tomorrow, I expect it will rain, but hey, I don't mind, lol.

I have decided that after 7pm is knitting for me time only, no design knitting at all, which means I am allowed to start a new project seeing as I only have socks on the go, and I am going to make this: I have wanted to make it for ages, I could have used chunky scrumptious, but I wanted more of a wool look rather than something shiny and heavy. I have some mirasol chunky, so I am going to cast on tonight! Yipppeeee! xxx

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  1. Looks like you got a string of hooty owls around your neck. Its nice, rather boring colour. I would use a nice colourful red yarn. But red is not everyone's taste. Well done your jumper looks really nice. Wot do ya call it??? Owl be seeing you, ha, ha.