Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Getting fit with my Iphone!

God, I sound like a walking advert. So I am addicted to the iphone apps! I downloaded Ifit, its brilliant, I planned my workout, there are so many exercises on there without machines, and I can't be arsed paying for a gym when there isn't one for miles.

You can record your workout and your weight, and its a good app for me because there is lots of weight training on it. I went running last night, managed about 20 mins, which was pretty good I thought, and then did 40 minutes of weight training and various things which made my stomach hurt alot, infact my belly muscles don't know what has hit em, lol, but I think in a few weeks, that slightly wobbly belly will be no more, and my arse needs some dewobbling as well, so I am aiming for buns of steel! I am tracking my weight with it, but for me that's normally doesn't make any sense, when I used to weigh train all the time my weight would go up, but I was alot skinnier.

So I cast on for the OWL jumper, and blimey its a quick knit, I am already at the shaping already, and the yarn is lovely, I will find out what it is soon promise, its a bit boring to show you yet, but I expect there will be alot more progress by tomorrow.

So I am making the most of the sunshine to get lots of dyeing done today.


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