Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Yes yes, there are pictures finally.

So it's nearly time to reveal the secret, just a couple more days....

As for other knitting related content I made 'one skein wonder' on the weekend, I love this pattern, it's so quick and easy and it really does only take one skein. So here is my first one, and I say 'first' because I have a feeling there will be many more.


(this is made with a thick noro yarn but I can't remember the name).

Then getting rather excited that it takes such a small amount of yarn, I decided to spin my own and knit another one, so here is the fleece that I dyed a few weeks ago: Kid mohair, merino and wendsleydale.


Then blended it in my fabulous carder to make these:


And finally I spun it into singles which look like this:


Now I'm just casting on for the next one skein wonder.

And finally I will show you a picture of sage being rather to playful around my yarn:


Friday, 24 June 2005

Appologes to the Matrix fans among you.

I do love the matrix, and I am dyslexic, so when I said 'just call me Leo', I did actually mean 'Neo'. Sorry. There are times when I wish my husband would read my posts straight away, and not wait till it's been there for all the world to see for a week. So please if you ever see any mistakes and you can't stand spellings errors please feel free to leave a comment and correct me! I have no pride when it comes to spelling and words.

So what's been happening? It's all still really exciting, but I'm struggling with time to get everything finished. Work has gone a bit mad this week, and so has everything else non knitting related, all I want to do is dye and knit, still I'm going to Grenada on holiday the week after next because anth has a conference there, so I shall have all the time in the world to finally get some serious knitting done.

I'll pop some pictures up tonight of some really pretty silk I got from Hip knits and some little clues as to what the secret project is, all will be revealed very soon.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005


I might add that the AHHHH! is an excitement AHHHH! as opposed to a stressed AHHHH!

I am so in rhythm with the universe today it's unbelievable (Just call me Leo, (that's a matrix reference by the way!!)), I have had the most exciting day, that's because majorly exciting things are happening in fyberspates land which I could never even begin to imagine. So it's all a secret for a bit longer but hopefully soon...... all will be revealed.

I have some dyeing to do tonight, so I'm hoping there will be some fabulous pictures either tomorrow or in the next couple of days.

So the moto of the day is: Life is a box of chocolates, and if you have the courage believe you deserve the one with the gold wrapper, it makes life a damned-site more exciting.

happy knitting people.

Monday, 6 June 2005

If your interested.....

Thankyou so much for all you lovely comments, I am so chuffed people like my stuff. I think it feels like competition time again, so keep an eye out. Perhaps some sock yarn...

Anyway this is my ebay link if you want to have a look at my stuff for sale.

Back soon with a sock picture. :-)

Friday, 3 June 2005

I love my new camera.

At last, I can take decent photo', I snapped a couple really quickly this morning just before leaving for work, of the dyeing I did at the weekend, they are not very artistic, but they give you an idea. Most of the yarn is going on ebay.

This is yarn and fibres drying out and needing to be blended, close ups are next.


So here is some yummy sock yarn I dyed:


And here is some lovely soft aran weight yarn in the same colourway:


here is some silk boucle in the same colourwaySilk_yarn  I really love this stuff, is so shiny.

Can you see a theme occuring?? When i get a colouray I like I try it on all sorts of fibres to see what they look like!!

Up next is some Kid mohair in the same colourway:


Finally are a couple of pictures of other bits and bobs I have been dying:

My yellow and pink sock yarn:


And some pink kid mohair:


Thursday, 2 June 2005

Glitch over!

Well, to add to the weirdness of yesterday, both the clocks in my house stopped. But today everything seems to have turned back to normal, and one of the clocks is ticking again so that's something!

So I'm not here to delight you with bizarre stories of my life, what I am here to tell you is, that I have made a decision not to go to the wool fest because it is 5.5 hours drive away, and I can't do it on one day, it's basically in Scotland, and Anth is twitchy about taking time off during the week because he is writing his PhD up........ OK so whats the news??? Well cause I'm not going, I could afford to purchase my new camera, which means photo's, photo's and more photo's so keep your eyes open for tomorrow's post, cause it's gonna be picture heavy!!!! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Blah - de -blah

It is definitely one of those days today. It has weird vibes about it, it just feels like there is a blip in the matrix.

Anyway I could post a whole long story about the sick man appearing from nowhere near the railway line, and the missing data from my experiments, that was there a couple of days ago, and that every order I put in for yarn today has been rejected because it's sold out. But I won't, it's all a little too weird.

Anyway I have been dyeing rather alot of goodies a the weekend and have tonnes of things I want to sell on eBay, so I can afford to buy my camera, however there is a slight hitch,  without a camera, I can't sell on eBay.

Now normally, I would have fished my credit card out and gone and brought the damned thing, but you know..... if there's a blip in the matrix, I think it's a sign, 'DON'T BUY A CAMERA TODAY'.

So I'm signing off before my computer blows up and go for my weekly massage.