Thursday, 2 June 2005

Glitch over!

Well, to add to the weirdness of yesterday, both the clocks in my house stopped. But today everything seems to have turned back to normal, and one of the clocks is ticking again so that's something!

So I'm not here to delight you with bizarre stories of my life, what I am here to tell you is, that I have made a decision not to go to the wool fest because it is 5.5 hours drive away, and I can't do it on one day, it's basically in Scotland, and Anth is twitchy about taking time off during the week because he is writing his PhD up........ OK so whats the news??? Well cause I'm not going, I could afford to purchase my new camera, which means photo's, photo's and more photo's so keep your eyes open for tomorrow's post, cause it's gonna be picture heavy!!!! YEAH!!!!

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