Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New treats!!!!!

Right, so, I have new things coming in for Autumn, I have 6 new colours of the solid scrumptious arriving in the country today, hopefully I will have them for Friday's update, I am positively shaking with excitement.

The second very very exciting thing is I am discontinuing my dream sock yarn, because finally the spinner got the twist and count correct (dream sock is the closest version I have managed to get so far, and its fabulous, but its not anywhere near what I wanted. But they have done it, and I am hoping it will arrive in the next day or so. It has a very different texture to the normal sock yarns, so I am just a little bit bouncy about it.

We have just been thrashing out the last little changes to the pattern for the scrumptious jumper in the knitter, rather nerve racking, hehe.

Right, I have aot of dyeing to do now!

Hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Annies Modesit classes at the chapel - last call for places

Thanks for your comments on the previous post, they made me smile big time!!!

Ok, most of you should know by now that the classes at the chapel in Shropshire with Annie Modesit are in a couple of weeks time, I have a couple of places left, if anyone is still interested in coming to the classes, this is the last call really.

Info is all here

September 2009

Place: the Chapel in Whixall, SY13 2QG, UK.

Cost: Is 40 pounds per class, however, if you would like to book more than one class you get a discount,

1 Workshop = £40
2 Workshops = £70
3 Workshops = £100
4 Workshops = £120

We require you to book with 5 pound non refundable deposit per class, the rest is due on the day of the class.

There are plenty of places to stay including a nearby camp site and B
& B, and plenty of places locally, please ask for more details.
Lunch will be provided for £3.50.

Annie Modesitt's blog/website can be found here:

This is the details of the 4 workshops please write the details of the
number and name of the workshops in the comments in your order.

Workshop 1 - on the 5th of Sept 2009 10am - Wavy Lace scarf

Learn the basic theory behind knitting lace, and perfect your lace
chart reading skills. With a chart, what you see is what you get, which
is why its the best option for knitters who want to "see" what their
lace will look like before they take up their needles. In this class
we'll get a start on the Wavy scarf featured in Romantic Hand Knits
(2007 potter craft) pattern provided for each class member.

Workshop 2 - 2pm on the 5th of Sept, 2009
New Directions in knitting with Colour:

Colour work is wonderful thing and so satisfying for the knitter! Don't
be afraid, be bold and confident as you take up your needles - enjoy
the full range of beautifully coloured yarns! In this case we will
learn how to read a colour work chart and learn the basics of changing
colours in a row whilst knitting. We also discuss the differences
between fair isle and intarsia, and compare different methods of
carrying yarn across the back of the work.

Workshop 3 - Combination knitting 10am Sunday 6th Sept

Learn to knit using the combination method, easy to learn and quick to
execute. Beginner thru advanced, special techniques will be taught as
skills improve. This is a combination of the western
(german/american/english) and eastern (Islamic/turkish/portugese) style
of knitting. Easier and quicker then traditional western knitting, this
method creates very even tension with less "rowing out" less wrist
strain. If this method is different from how you've been taught, give
it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming, if you
are a first time knitter - enjoy! You can mistress this right away!

Workshop 4 - 4pm Sunday 6th September - Double knitting

Making a tube without circular needles isn't hard, but the method can
seem complex when you first start. Learn how to make socks and mittens
on straight needles with no seams! Adds a new tool to your knitting bag
of tricks!

You can either sign up here on the website or email me on FyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

Monday, 24 August 2009

Fibrefest and lovely things

Normally when I come back from shows I am knackered, however, I am totally full of beans today, hehe, I actually had alot of fun, and it was a real rest, not too sure why, but it felt like a mini holiday, not just for the body but for the soul, of course I saw all my lovely woolly friends, Amanda, Phil, Mr wool, john, and Juliette, even made some new ones :) and my fabulous customers.

But also we stayed in an amazing place, it reminded my of my eclectic household in Cardiff, the atmosphere and ethos, and I was very happy there, I am going again for sure!!!!!

I am going to do a sort of mini apprenticeship in something (major step to world domination), but I'll tell you about that later in a few weeks after Iknit, hehe.

I spose I have been feeling a bit weird the past month, not because of the move asuch, for some reason I had been feeling like, oh I am 31, not married, no kids etc etc, and I felt totally overwhelmed by feeling I should be conforming to something, not too sure why because it has never bothered me before, but, today as I was driving along in my van down the M5, just having taken another rather exciting step towards world domination, I felt bloody grateful that I have the flexibility to take on new things, and grow and learn because I don't have any commitments, and as Sole used to say, this is 'MY time', I do feel pressure to conform to some ridiculous 'perceived' path in life sometimes, but I feel miserable when I think about doing anything else other than what I am doing now, so for this time, I shall feel miserable no more. I am what I am, and I do what I want, and if anyone else mentions being on the shelf, they might get a very rude response from me. I DON'T DO SHELVES, OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I certainly don't conform, I would never be where I am if I did.

Right, well, off to pack orders and unload the van, with a rather large grin. Then have a cup of tea and get my pad of paper with 'World Wool Domination' written at the top of it, and make a list.


Friday, 21 August 2009


OK, I am off to Fibrefest in a mo, and I am very excited!!

But for todays post, I am going to showcase a new pattern Trilo (the first of 4) for this Autumn, and they are all gorgeous. I am struggling a bit with the photo's in the shop, they are all to high quality, lol, and the website won't accept them, I will sort it out over the weekend though.

Trilo is a gorgeous cardi made from of course scrumptious dk :) Carol Feller is an amazing designer, and I am so chuffed she likes using my yarns for her design.

Here are more detailed pictures of the cardi:




Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shop update will be on Monday not friday.

Just to let you know the shop update will be Monday because of fibrefest this week.

 I am going to put my workshop through its paces today and tomorrow and see just how much dyeing I am capable of here ready for the weekend!

I took my mum to see Harry Potter last night,  - she fell asleep, lol, but I LOVED it, I am never dissapointed by the films.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Actual real knitting!

All I ever seem to do is make swatches and half garments for my designs, especially the next rooster book at the mo, and I never really have any me knitting time, so feeling a tad jaded/tired about everything I thought I would knit something purely for the sake of it at the weekend. So I took some yarn which I was meant to be selling for Babylonglegs (some of her majic self striping) and my woolywormhead hat book, and well I knitted a hat called the reverser, it was so good because I knitted a hat in a way I could never have concieved and it was fun because the yarn was gorgeous;

Here is the result:


It was just nice to knit and think, I don't have much time to do that at the moment, I came to the conclusion that my tiredness/feeling a bit weathered ofcourse is probably due to the move, but also a massive change in diet. While I am eating loads of good food, I am eating loads of sweet things, my mother has such a sweet tooth, cakes, and chocolate and puddings, I never really ate any of those things for the past 10 years and I think they might be the cause of my massive energy slumps I keep getting.  So I started a wheat free sugar free diet yesterday and well, so far, no energy slumps, and I woke up at 7am which is a first for ages. Not only that BUT I have some wobbly bits, I HATE THEM, they have to go, they have been here for ages, the wheat free diet should help with that no end ;) plus I have started running its still at the horrendous stage, but I can stick with it.

Oh and I dyed my hair and it went orange, actual Orange. I did it again and it went yellow, I have some special blue shampoo and its getting whiter, but it was shockingly bad on sat!

So anyone going to fibrefest ???? I am dyeing yarn like a mad woman today


Friday, 14 August 2009

More workshop pics

So, now I have internet in the Unit, I am more than overjoyed, it means I feel back to normal, anyway, imbetween the shop update, which as usual will take all afternoon, I just snapped a few pics of the workshop, still loads to do, but the sofa's are arriving on Sunday, little bro is bringing a van to get his sofa's out of storage for me. This is the area where the sofas are going to go:


I know it looks messy, but it won't be long and all the boxes will be unpacked.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I Have actual internet in the unit, amazing!!!

I can not tell you how happy I am!!!! I finally got internet in the studio, now I feel like I never want to leave this place, even for dinner.

So now I can update my shop as I am dyeing and working away, all the people who want photos of their custom orders can have them, hehehe, and all the clubs will be sent tomorrow, with a little extra treat because they are late.

I think maybe that's why I have been so stressed,  I felt unconnected with my world, which clearly is rather virtual!!!

OK, I am going to go home now because I have to, but boy I am looking forward to coming to work tomorrow morning, I feel like I have my mojo back.....such simple things!

Ohh and the shop update has some really pretty colours!

See you tomorrow.


Totally what I needed

I love my lodgers so so much, I cried my blimin eyes out all through the ceremony, really I think it was the lovliest wedding I have ever been to, so incredibly genuine. It was alot of fun, and a truly super duper day.

Just what I needed.

Back to work to today to finish of my orders and get ready for tomorrows update :)

Should be a cracker.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sometimes you just gotta change plans

My lodgers are getting married today, so I am taking the day off to go to their wedding, I kind of just thought, what the hell do I work for, if I can't do nice things sometimes????

 I am extremely tired at the moment as well, so I think a few more spontaneous treats will do me the world of good.

Hope you have a lovely day, I have a good feeling in my bones about this one :)


Friday, 7 August 2009

Its only bl*******dy friday!!!!

Its friday, I am in Shropshire today, up for meetings and I signed the scrumptious contract finally, yipppeeee, gotta get all the patterns ready now, very exciting, but extremely stressful, I am gonna have a party to mark the end of this, and the beginning of the next lot!!!!

I need to clarify something about the custom order thing I wrote about, custom order means small amounts of yarn dyed for retail sales, (not the normal shop updates) and not WHOLESALE. I am expanding the wholesale side of the business which is why I can't really manage custom orders at the mo.

Finally, just updating the shop, I have been playing a little this week, and I had alot of fun.


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mummys sheep

Mum painted this for my work shop, amazing or what?? Notice the socks??? Xx

Mummys sheep

Quote of the day.

Its busy, super busy, getting patterns ready for books and leaflets, and yarn dyed, and packed and sent, and still catching up, I am not moving ever ever again, its caused so much disruption, but at least its happened before the autumn starts.

Never in my life have things been so crazy, and wonderful at the same time, but it means my normal banter is just non existent, my brain is engaged in a thousand other things.

However, as some of you might have guessed I am temporarily lodging at home, which is proving to be alot of fun, my mum and dad are hilarious, really hilarious, and really the one liners that come out daily make me laugh so much, and I think I should share them, really its a shame to let them pass into obscurity without some additional laughter.

So there might be some little posts with quote of the day, especially since my brain is zapped from normal blog content.

The most memorable small conversation this week ( I did twitter it, but here goes):

Mum: The raspberry crumble might have extra protein in it.

me: huh?? what do you mean?

Mum: wibbly wobblers of course, only tiny wibbly wobblers.

Thanks mum, after I had eaten a large portion of it :s


Monday, 3 August 2009

Refining things

I think I am early there with sorting, I feel nearly back in control again, although I have so many deadlines its a little ridiculous,  but they are doable if I work my ass off, so its ok.

HOWEVER, I have made a few decisions, that some things are going to have to go.

1. NO more custom orders I am afraid, I will complete the ones I have, but after that, they are no more, I am  not saying that its a permanent thing, but really, I can't do small orders in short amounts of time when I have 80 kilos to dye as well, its really not very practical any more, it makes me sad, but, people are having to wait for them for too long, and I am not able to give a good enough service, once that starts to happen, I have to stop taking that on, and so that's it, no more, lol.

2. NO more clubs for now. I will finish the clubs that are signed up, but after that no more, again, I am struggling to do that on top of other work, and the administration drives me nuts, so I am taking a break from these. Again its not necessarily forever, but for now, I need to start managing my workload so people can get excellent customer service from me, rather than lateness etc. I HATE having bad customer service, and the move highlighted the fact that the clubs and custom orders were the things that suffered the most.

So onwards and upwards, things are as always extremely busy, but the business is changing into something different, and so I have to embrace those changes if I want to grow, which I do really, you know me, I can't stand in the same place for long.