Friday, 7 August 2009

Its only bl*******dy friday!!!!

Its friday, I am in Shropshire today, up for meetings and I signed the scrumptious contract finally, yipppeeee, gotta get all the patterns ready now, very exciting, but extremely stressful, I am gonna have a party to mark the end of this, and the beginning of the next lot!!!!

I need to clarify something about the custom order thing I wrote about, custom order means small amounts of yarn dyed for retail sales, (not the normal shop updates) and not WHOLESALE. I am expanding the wholesale side of the business which is why I can't really manage custom orders at the mo.

Finally, just updating the shop, I have been playing a little this week, and I had alot of fun.


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  1. OH my goodness - you have addi turbo lace needles!