Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Actual real knitting!

All I ever seem to do is make swatches and half garments for my designs, especially the next rooster book at the mo, and I never really have any me knitting time, so feeling a tad jaded/tired about everything I thought I would knit something purely for the sake of it at the weekend. So I took some yarn which I was meant to be selling for Babylonglegs (some of her majic self striping) and my woolywormhead hat book, and well I knitted a hat called the reverser, it was so good because I knitted a hat in a way I could never have concieved and it was fun because the yarn was gorgeous;

Here is the result:


It was just nice to knit and think, I don't have much time to do that at the moment, I came to the conclusion that my tiredness/feeling a bit weathered ofcourse is probably due to the move, but also a massive change in diet. While I am eating loads of good food, I am eating loads of sweet things, my mother has such a sweet tooth, cakes, and chocolate and puddings, I never really ate any of those things for the past 10 years and I think they might be the cause of my massive energy slumps I keep getting.  So I started a wheat free sugar free diet yesterday and well, so far, no energy slumps, and I woke up at 7am which is a first for ages. Not only that BUT I have some wobbly bits, I HATE THEM, they have to go, they have been here for ages, the wheat free diet should help with that no end ;) plus I have started running its still at the horrendous stage, but I can stick with it.

Oh and I dyed my hair and it went orange, actual Orange. I did it again and it went yellow, I have some special blue shampoo and its getting whiter, but it was shockingly bad on sat!

So anyone going to fibrefest ???? I am dyeing yarn like a mad woman today



  1. That is just so ACE, Jen :)
    The perfect pattern to use with the yarn....
    You iz a genius!
    Keep knitting for fun.....it's good for the soul :D
    Many hugs
    S xXx

  2. I had my hair bleached last week and its taken a week to tone down to the 'right' colour. The best stuff (if a bit pricey) to tone i found is Redken Blonde Glam Pure Pearl (deep conditioner) or Perfect Platinum (light conditioner). Works an absolute treat. I left Pure Pearl on a bit too long and had very pale pink streaks in my hair.

  3. Hello Jeni, yes I will be going to Fibrefest on Saturday - see you there. Had all my hair chopped off last weekend, still getting used to it!
    Helena x

  4. That is ace!! Are you going to be wearing it at the weekend?
    Good on you doing some knitting just because. I really need to do some. You know my socks I started at Woolfest in sparkle? Well I haven't touched them since I got home.

  5. Really cute hat! I love the colors!