Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sometimes you just gotta change plans

My lodgers are getting married today, so I am taking the day off to go to their wedding, I kind of just thought, what the hell do I work for, if I can't do nice things sometimes????

 I am extremely tired at the moment as well, so I think a few more spontaneous treats will do me the world of good.

Hope you have a lovely day, I have a good feeling in my bones about this one :)



  1. Good idea - no point being your own boss if you can't go to your friends' wedding.

  2. I hope your friends have long and hapopy wedded bliss. As for the rest I been looking at Horrogate Yorkshire Hotel for a short break its near Betty's Tea Shoppe and the Turkish baths. You just gotta experience a Turkish bath, Bliss totally relaxing and gets rid of tension. Are you coming to Knit n Stitch show in Nov?????

  3. There is nothing better than a Turkish bath at a Spa town gets rid of tension and works a treat. I'm off to harrogate for one in November, are you gonna come to Knit n Stitch show in Nov???