Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New treats!!!!!

Right, so, I have new things coming in for Autumn, I have 6 new colours of the solid scrumptious arriving in the country today, hopefully I will have them for Friday's update, I am positively shaking with excitement.

The second very very exciting thing is I am discontinuing my dream sock yarn, because finally the spinner got the twist and count correct (dream sock is the closest version I have managed to get so far, and its fabulous, but its not anywhere near what I wanted. But they have done it, and I am hoping it will arrive in the next day or so. It has a very different texture to the normal sock yarns, so I am just a little bit bouncy about it.

We have just been thrashing out the last little changes to the pattern for the scrumptious jumper in the knitter, rather nerve racking, hehe.

Right, I have aot of dyeing to do now!

Hope you have a lovely day.

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