Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Quote of the day.

Its busy, super busy, getting patterns ready for books and leaflets, and yarn dyed, and packed and sent, and still catching up, I am not moving ever ever again, its caused so much disruption, but at least its happened before the autumn starts.

Never in my life have things been so crazy, and wonderful at the same time, but it means my normal banter is just non existent, my brain is engaged in a thousand other things.

However, as some of you might have guessed I am temporarily lodging at home, which is proving to be alot of fun, my mum and dad are hilarious, really hilarious, and really the one liners that come out daily make me laugh so much, and I think I should share them, really its a shame to let them pass into obscurity without some additional laughter.

So there might be some little posts with quote of the day, especially since my brain is zapped from normal blog content.

The most memorable small conversation this week ( I did twitter it, but here goes):

Mum: The raspberry crumble might have extra protein in it.

me: huh?? what do you mean?

Mum: wibbly wobblers of course, only tiny wibbly wobblers.

Thanks mum, after I had eaten a large portion of it :s


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  1. Uewh!! Glad I don't eat Raspberry Crumble! Still, it's clearly doing you good.