Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Annies Modesit classes at the chapel - last call for places

Thanks for your comments on the previous post, they made me smile big time!!!

Ok, most of you should know by now that the classes at the chapel in Shropshire with Annie Modesit are in a couple of weeks time, I have a couple of places left, if anyone is still interested in coming to the classes, this is the last call really.

Info is all here

September 2009

Place: the Chapel in Whixall, SY13 2QG, UK.

Cost: Is 40 pounds per class, however, if you would like to book more than one class you get a discount,

1 Workshop = £40
2 Workshops = £70
3 Workshops = £100
4 Workshops = £120

We require you to book with 5 pound non refundable deposit per class, the rest is due on the day of the class.

There are plenty of places to stay including a nearby camp site and B
& B, and plenty of places locally, please ask for more details.
Lunch will be provided for £3.50.

Annie Modesitt's blog/website can be found here: http://www.anniemodesitt.com/

This is the details of the 4 workshops please write the details of the
number and name of the workshops in the comments in your order.

Workshop 1 - on the 5th of Sept 2009 10am - Wavy Lace scarf

Learn the basic theory behind knitting lace, and perfect your lace
chart reading skills. With a chart, what you see is what you get, which
is why its the best option for knitters who want to "see" what their
lace will look like before they take up their needles. In this class
we'll get a start on the Wavy scarf featured in Romantic Hand Knits
(2007 potter craft) pattern provided for each class member.

Workshop 2 - 2pm on the 5th of Sept, 2009
New Directions in knitting with Colour:

Colour work is wonderful thing and so satisfying for the knitter! Don't
be afraid, be bold and confident as you take up your needles - enjoy
the full range of beautifully coloured yarns! In this case we will
learn how to read a colour work chart and learn the basics of changing
colours in a row whilst knitting. We also discuss the differences
between fair isle and intarsia, and compare different methods of
carrying yarn across the back of the work.

Workshop 3 - Combination knitting 10am Sunday 6th Sept

Learn to knit using the combination method, easy to learn and quick to
execute. Beginner thru advanced, special techniques will be taught as
skills improve. This is a combination of the western
(german/american/english) and eastern (Islamic/turkish/portugese) style
of knitting. Easier and quicker then traditional western knitting, this
method creates very even tension with less "rowing out" less wrist
strain. If this method is different from how you've been taught, give
it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming, if you
are a first time knitter - enjoy! You can mistress this right away!

Workshop 4 - 4pm Sunday 6th September - Double knitting

Making a tube without circular needles isn't hard, but the method can
seem complex when you first start. Learn how to make socks and mittens
on straight needles with no seams! Adds a new tool to your knitting bag
of tricks!

You can either sign up here on the website or email me on FyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

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