Monday, 3 August 2009

Refining things

I think I am early there with sorting, I feel nearly back in control again, although I have so many deadlines its a little ridiculous,  but they are doable if I work my ass off, so its ok.

HOWEVER, I have made a few decisions, that some things are going to have to go.

1. NO more custom orders I am afraid, I will complete the ones I have, but after that, they are no more, I am  not saying that its a permanent thing, but really, I can't do small orders in short amounts of time when I have 80 kilos to dye as well, its really not very practical any more, it makes me sad, but, people are having to wait for them for too long, and I am not able to give a good enough service, once that starts to happen, I have to stop taking that on, and so that's it, no more, lol.

2. NO more clubs for now. I will finish the clubs that are signed up, but after that no more, again, I am struggling to do that on top of other work, and the administration drives me nuts, so I am taking a break from these. Again its not necessarily forever, but for now, I need to start managing my workload so people can get excellent customer service from me, rather than lateness etc. I HATE having bad customer service, and the move highlighted the fact that the clubs and custom orders were the things that suffered the most.

So onwards and upwards, things are as always extremely busy, but the business is changing into something different, and so I have to embrace those changes if I want to grow, which I do really, you know me, I can't stand in the same place for long.



  1. You are right you HAVE to be practical - get sorted, get the space organised and running for you - then revisit and review previous 'offers' eg custom dyeing and sock clubs etc and either restart the service or provide a new alternative service / club. Good luck with your new wings

  2. I think you're absolutely right about keeping up your standards of customer service. There are some bad eggs out there, giving knitting shops a bad name so it's great that you are prioritising it.

  3. Couldn't agree more - you go for it! Can't wait to hear about all the new projects, and of course you should be focusing on them; far better to do the things you do well than to try to please everyone at the same time, which we all know just can't be done!