Tuesday, 17 May 2005


Well, It's a whole week since posting, I can't believe time goes so quickly.

As usually, I've been dyeing and spinning, the weekend was especially fruitful and I managed to dye some fabulous sock yarns. Where's the photo's you may ask?? We'll I haven't made enough money yet to buy a camera, but I'm working on it. Plus Carmen is in Spain getting married - How selfish! (actually I am making my way to Madrid on Thursday to attend the happy event! YEAH!!) so Carl you need to come around and take some photo's for me sweetie!

So I'll tempt you with words until the pictures arrive.

So imagine you are in a very cold place and just as you were thinking about how much you hate winter, someone hands you a gorgeous warm jumper with the softest squishiest yarn, in purples and pinks, well the yarn I dyed on Sunday will be that squishy warm jumper.

Then imagine a grumpy gray day in need of colour and brightness, then you look down at your feet and see the brightest socks with oranges, pinks and yellows, mmmm, you can almost smell the oranges - my sock yarn will be those socks.

Then switch to a summer evening, watching the sunset with a glass of champers, you feel a little chili so you pick up your soft pink, pure silk boucle wrap with the most fabulous drape and wrap it around your shoulders, - my pure silk boucle I dyed will be that wrap.

Enough! Please! I want to knit now! :-(

Anyway I'm in the process of writing up Carmen's pattern, and the secret project is coming on in leaps and bounds. All will be revealed soon.

Pic's soon.

J xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Well it's tuesday. Why does it feel like thursday or friday?

What have I been spinning carding??

Well, this is some bit's and peices I carded for Emma:


This is a scrummy blend of silk and kid mohair, I have spun some of this up and I can tell you now the yarn is beautiful!!


Dscf0485_1  This is a blend of merino, alpaca and kid mohair, it's so soft!!

And finally some merino and cashmere hand dyed and blended:


Hmm, What else??

Ahh yes here is a nice skein I made the other evening with some of the pink rovings from the last post:


I haven't really posted much about knitting have I? I have knitted up my noro into a wrap in siz 15mm needles, but really I have to get started on something for Carmens wedding the weekend after next!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2005

More photo madness.

So it was bank holiday weekend this weekend, which gave me a chance to do some more dying and spinning. Marie, Carmen and I had a lovely trip to Magor, despite that for some bizarre reason the shop we went to see was closed. So we went to Monmouth, a fabulous little town with a lovely little wool shop. We all brought something, and I couldn't resist some lovely Noro, although I can't remember the name of it, but it does have silk and cashmere in it.

Anyway with her Collinette Carmen made this:


Isn't it amazing???!!

I may try and coax the pattern out of her to post here, any interest?

So here is some (yes some!!!) of the dying and spinning I did over the weekend:

This went from this:


to this:

Dscf0434 Yummy lace weight mohair.

Dscf0445_1  Silk and wool, probably suitable for weaving more than knitting because its very fine, but not that soft.

Dscf0425 Some lovely soft merino roving's to spin.

Dscf0431  More fluffy merino.

Dscf0436 Some Wendsleydale for spinning.

Here was some of the spinning:

Dscf0444 This is Navajo plyed merino and cashmere.

Dscf0449_1 More cashmere and merino.

And this which I am very very pleased with: Cashmere and merino smooth singles.



I just love this photo, on the left is my hand dyed sock yarn, it is sooooo soft!

Refer to the photo album for the rest!!

So I must thank Carmen for taking these pictures for me, I really appreciate it. I am desperate for a camera which will take adequate photo's, so here's my plan. I am going to save up by selling some of my fabulous products. I am starting to list some of them on eBay, if your interested here's the link: