Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Well it's tuesday. Why does it feel like thursday or friday?

What have I been spinning carding??

Well, this is some bit's and peices I carded for Emma:


This is a scrummy blend of silk and kid mohair, I have spun some of this up and I can tell you now the yarn is beautiful!!


Dscf0485_1  This is a blend of merino, alpaca and kid mohair, it's so soft!!

And finally some merino and cashmere hand dyed and blended:


Hmm, What else??

Ahh yes here is a nice skein I made the other evening with some of the pink rovings from the last post:


I haven't really posted much about knitting have I? I have knitted up my noro into a wrap in siz 15mm needles, but really I have to get started on something for Carmens wedding the weekend after next!!

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