Friday, 31 July 2009

I am alive really....

Hey! Hows it going????

Its still mad here setting up the studio, I think we are nearly ready for the sofa's though, goodness I can't wait for those.

I need to get used to blogging early in the morning, because I don't have internet there yet, I am still debating if I need it or not, or whether I should get used to not having it in the day, I do feel a little out of touch though.

So its all a massive life change and learning process, but its not a painful one, hehe.

Right, there will be an update this afternoon, probably later on in the afternoon, about 4ish I'll start.

I will aim to blog everyday from now on, and today I'll take some more unit photo's.

hope you are all well, leave me a comment, I love reading them xxxxxx

Friday, 24 July 2009

Its friday, lol more workshop pics

I thought you might like to see how the workshop is coming along, its still messy, and there are all sorts of things to be built and done, there was a flood last Friday, due to severe rains in that part of the world, nothing was damaged due to the fact that pops went and saved everything, although tomorrow we have the job of raising everything by 4 inches to make sure the wooden shelves and things are well off the floor. Hopefully also we can get the sofas in once the end has been painted as well, to create a design area, seeing as I have as much design work as dyeing, lol, I was thinking about calling it 'Fyberspates Workshop and design studio'.....what do you reckon?.

As you can see lots of things to be unpacked, and lots of yarn to be packed into white boxes, lol.

So I have updated the shop, but now my internet access is over for a few days, but broadband arrives on tuesday, and I shall be updating more things for the sales pages, and more things on the regular pages.

have a lovely weekend!!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

The near impossible shop update is updating

What a bloody day! Someone kindly let me have access to a broadband connection today so I could do my shop update, then my computer did something to the settings and I couldn't get online, then my camera stopped taking photo's.

I didn't cry, instead I drove 2.5 hours to the chapel and kindly Mr wool lent me his camera and internet.

It took about an hour for my laptop to connect, but now I am here and starting, there is loads so its gonna take hours, but at least finally I can do it, there is some nice treats today as well.

This post is rather devoid of the screaming frustration that is going on in me this week, but instead of letting it get to me, I am just walking forward and punching down the obstacles.

Happy shopping


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Internet I miss u!!!!!

Right I don't get broad band till

Next week, so I can only

Get orders and emails on then iPhone, however, tomorrown I

going to someones house soni can do

A shop update and catch up

With everything Internet, I feel so out of touch it's horrible!!!!! See u tomorow on twitter, ravelry and in the shop, lol xxxxx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pictures of the new workshop

OK, before I start I need to say a few things:

Lace and self striping clubs are out today, I am sorry they are so late :(
The Annie Modesit workshops are still fine to be at the chapel there is not change, its just my business had to be removed before the surveyor came to see it, and since I had to find a workshop anyway I thought now is as good a time as any, I am now based in Oxfordshire.

OK, think that's all you need to know :) here are some pics of the unit.

So remember me saying it was industrial???

Iphone 009

Thats pops, hehe, this is what it looked like when we got there, filthy and green and dark:

we took the things of the windows and cleaned and cleaned

Iphone 012 Then we painted and painted, down the opposite end was a an office, which we deconstructed from this:

Iphone 033 
and then to this:

Iphone 039

That end is going to be a design studio, with sofas etc, it already looks fabulous,

ok, so it already looks totally different and alot nicer, and it will continue to get better, but the main thing is that its got so much storage, and a wonderful dyeing area, all laid out permanently, it feels so so good, and it was ALOT of fun getting there.

I have intermittent internet, but I am getting the orders no probs, so service in the shop is back to normal, I have the sales conference for creative yarns at the end of the week, but I will be back to normal Monday, and hopefully we'll have a nice big update :)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I am moving in!

Ok folks, I officially got the unit, but I CAN NOT PROCESS ANY ORDERS, OR ANSWER QUERIES UNTIL MONDAY.

I am really sorry, I can't do anything, the yarn is packed away, in 5 different places.

I am getting emails, but I don't have an internet connection at home yet, so there is no way I can answer you, or even have a clue if you have a question about your orders.

So big hugs, and I hope you can hold on until Monday and I will trawl through EVERYTHING I promise and sort everything out then.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

units, moving blah blah blah

Cor, I am getting my blogging mojo back that's for sure, I think that's a good sign of internal excitement. I have been a tad miserable for the past 6 weeks I think because I don't do so well with uncertainty.

 Anyway I went, I saw, and I want.

Its proper industrial, lol, I even had to carefully stand infront of the wall so my father didn't read the rude jokes plastered to the office wall, clearly from the previous owner, and clearly they were all men. All I have to say is, its all industrial with big hairy men around the site, but, I am cheeky, rude, and not offended by anything unless someone critisises my lack of organisation, so I think I'll be just fine, lol, plus I am known for my dreadful swearing and ability to be totally innapropriate if nessasary. mwhahahahahahaa.

Disclaimer here, I don't swear all the time, infact, mom and pops can't abide swearing, so really mum, you didn't just read that, and ofcourse I never swear infront of my customers :)

I am rather excited though, I have to be honest, I want to make it sort of kind of warehouse chic, or something, if thats possible. I am moving the business today, temporarily to my mums, and then I hope tomorrow, the space will be sorted, and then its a massive cleaning operation to get it all clean and degreased, fresh coat of paint in some places, decobwebbed, really, it feels like something very special is happening, it will also mean that customers will be able to come and visit as well, as there is adequate parking, and there is enough room for sofa's and a small design studio/area too.

I want a huge pink sign that says "Fyberspates workshop and design studio" yay!!!!

Goodness, I have to concentrate on moving smoothly today, lol.

I might even have an opening weekend once its all gorgeous, so people can come.

breathe, breathe breathe,


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

wed 11 - 2 sale

ok tomorrow there will be more of a sale, because I am finding all sorts here that I don't want to take with me.

So see you at 11.


Going to see dream unit

Thanks for the response on the test knitting, I am well chuffed :) might just get that book knitted after all ;)

So on Friday I went to see lots of units, none if which were completely right for some reason or other, but there was one which my dad took me to, which was a proper industrial unit, it was on a really nice complex, lots of other businesses, mainly engineering type businesses but hey, I spose what I do is manufacturing of sorts. The unit was amazing it even had proper ventilation system, which I am starting to realise is an absolute must for a dyeing business, hence why I always dye outside in all weathers, I read all over the place on the internet about how dyes are not harmful, but that kind of stuff is written by very lazy people who will eventually regret a lax approach I guarantee you. A ventilation system is something I have been dreaming about for a very long time.

In addition it was lovely and light, and I guess about 1200 square meters, slightly less space than I wanted, however, it had a great feeling to it. I dismissed it straight away because I thought there was no way I would be able to afford it. Then yesterday I got an email with a quote for the space, it was right on my budget!!! I was absolutely shocked. So I am going back this afternoon to have another reki and check its got water etc etc, and last night, I was browsing the internet for workshop inspiration. Now, yes it is industrial, but I want to make it gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I don't see why it can't both???

So here are some websites which got my juices flowing

decor design this website has some ideas for office space/craft space

This magazine looks awesome, I need to subscribe

I trawled through flikr and favourited these

I am feeling very excited!!!!


Monday, 6 July 2009

What occurin?

Right I need to fill you in because everything is a little all over the place at the moment.

I am moving workshops this week, I have to do this because I can't run the business from the chapel any more, (I better not give too many details, or we might get into trouble) but I want to run Annies workshops here in Sept, so I have to make sure that we can, promise I will fill you in with it all when its time.

Anyway, its a good push for me to go and get my workshop sorted out, and I am on the way, but its not exactly sorted, so in the mean time I have to make do, but I have some space, but that means moving this week, but its a bit of a distance.

So in essence its a little topsy turvy, I feel stressed, but actually its all pretty exciting.

I have to also finish of the book of designs for the rooster book before the sales conference next week (where I am presenting Scrumptious to the reps) and I sort of need test knitters, for a few of the patterns not dine yet, if any of my regular customers (and really I have to know you already, because I have had a few bad experiences recently with test knitters not actually doing anything and taking yarn). I have the lovely Joanne, who is a star, but would need 10 arms to complete my required list, lol).

So if anyone likes to work under pressure and can knit cables and things in a short amount of time, like a week (there is payment/ or yarn payment involved), get in touch.

So orders will be dispatched today, and wednesday, and then saturday, there may be a little delay with some, but I am hoping we will be back to normal next week. I do have lots of things to update here, so I will just pop stuff on as we go, some of it will go into the new arrivals, and some in the sale, I found more cones, lol.

Ok, so thats all I think, oh I wanted to just say thanks to Mr wool, he cheered my up no end yesterday afternoon, I was having a bit of a trauma, lol, and as usual, he is a star in a crisis.


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Looking for a new fyberspates home

I am looking for units today, which is very exciting, if I get the chance to take soMe pics and blog them I will xxxx

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


OK, I have a sale going on here with some essential destashing so my little bro doesn't kill me when he has to move me again.

There are white cones, dustore alpaca and all sorts of treats

Happy shopping