Friday, 24 July 2009

Its friday, lol more workshop pics

I thought you might like to see how the workshop is coming along, its still messy, and there are all sorts of things to be built and done, there was a flood last Friday, due to severe rains in that part of the world, nothing was damaged due to the fact that pops went and saved everything, although tomorrow we have the job of raising everything by 4 inches to make sure the wooden shelves and things are well off the floor. Hopefully also we can get the sofas in once the end has been painted as well, to create a design area, seeing as I have as much design work as dyeing, lol, I was thinking about calling it 'Fyberspates Workshop and design studio'.....what do you reckon?.

As you can see lots of things to be unpacked, and lots of yarn to be packed into white boxes, lol.

So I have updated the shop, but now my internet access is over for a few days, but broadband arrives on tuesday, and I shall be updating more things for the sales pages, and more things on the regular pages.

have a lovely weekend!!!!


  1. So how long before we're allowed to come visit? :p

  2. I can't figure out how you managed to get my order to me so quickly last week - 2 hanks of undyed superwash merino (which is lush by the way). Thank you so much and good luck with the new workshop. Vicky (VickyW on Rav)