Thursday, 23 July 2009

The near impossible shop update is updating

What a bloody day! Someone kindly let me have access to a broadband connection today so I could do my shop update, then my computer did something to the settings and I couldn't get online, then my camera stopped taking photo's.

I didn't cry, instead I drove 2.5 hours to the chapel and kindly Mr wool lent me his camera and internet.

It took about an hour for my laptop to connect, but now I am here and starting, there is loads so its gonna take hours, but at least finally I can do it, there is some nice treats today as well.

This post is rather devoid of the screaming frustration that is going on in me this week, but instead of letting it get to me, I am just walking forward and punching down the obstacles.

Happy shopping


1 comment:

  1. "driving to the chapel"
    sounds very philosphical and soothing rather than screaming frustration