Monday, 6 July 2009

What occurin?

Right I need to fill you in because everything is a little all over the place at the moment.

I am moving workshops this week, I have to do this because I can't run the business from the chapel any more, (I better not give too many details, or we might get into trouble) but I want to run Annies workshops here in Sept, so I have to make sure that we can, promise I will fill you in with it all when its time.

Anyway, its a good push for me to go and get my workshop sorted out, and I am on the way, but its not exactly sorted, so in the mean time I have to make do, but I have some space, but that means moving this week, but its a bit of a distance.

So in essence its a little topsy turvy, I feel stressed, but actually its all pretty exciting.

I have to also finish of the book of designs for the rooster book before the sales conference next week (where I am presenting Scrumptious to the reps) and I sort of need test knitters, for a few of the patterns not dine yet, if any of my regular customers (and really I have to know you already, because I have had a few bad experiences recently with test knitters not actually doing anything and taking yarn). I have the lovely Joanne, who is a star, but would need 10 arms to complete my required list, lol).

So if anyone likes to work under pressure and can knit cables and things in a short amount of time, like a week (there is payment/ or yarn payment involved), get in touch.

So orders will be dispatched today, and wednesday, and then saturday, there may be a little delay with some, but I am hoping we will be back to normal next week. I do have lots of things to update here, so I will just pop stuff on as we go, some of it will go into the new arrivals, and some in the sale, I found more cones, lol.

Ok, so thats all I think, oh I wanted to just say thanks to Mr wool, he cheered my up no end yesterday afternoon, I was having a bit of a trauma, lol, and as usual, he is a star in a crisis.



  1. Hi Jenni, I am not knitting much next two weeks so if it's not sock or DK I'd happyly do it for you (I can knit DK but not fast). Give me a shout if it's not too far to post:)

  2. I don't mind knitting any weight yarn, but I must admit I prefer Aran cos I can see it better. I would be willing to knit up a few samples. I have already done this sort of work before for a n editor of a book. I completed the back of the gansey in two weeks then my hands became all stiff. I know its a bit late and you have probably got all your knitters but maybe next time i am always available to knit your lovely designs. No, I won't run off to Outer Mongolia with your yarn.