Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pictures of the new workshop

OK, before I start I need to say a few things:

Lace and self striping clubs are out today, I am sorry they are so late :(
The Annie Modesit workshops are still fine to be at the chapel there is not change, its just my business had to be removed before the surveyor came to see it, and since I had to find a workshop anyway I thought now is as good a time as any, I am now based in Oxfordshire.

OK, think that's all you need to know :) here are some pics of the unit.

So remember me saying it was industrial???

Iphone 009

Thats pops, hehe, this is what it looked like when we got there, filthy and green and dark:

we took the things of the windows and cleaned and cleaned

Iphone 012 Then we painted and painted, down the opposite end was a an office, which we deconstructed from this:

Iphone 033 
and then to this:

Iphone 039

That end is going to be a design studio, with sofas etc, it already looks fabulous,

ok, so it already looks totally different and alot nicer, and it will continue to get better, but the main thing is that its got so much storage, and a wonderful dyeing area, all laid out permanently, it feels so so good, and it was ALOT of fun getting there.

I have intermittent internet, but I am getting the orders no probs, so service in the shop is back to normal, I have the sales conference for creative yarns at the end of the week, but I will be back to normal Monday, and hopefully we'll have a nice big update :)


  1. Hi Jen,
    Good luck with the move. It's looking good in the piccies. Judging by various clues I've got a feeling you might not be too far from me!!!
    Sarah xx

  2. Oh Jeni, it all looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it for real!!

  3. It looks ace!! I'm still stupidly excited for you, its going to be soooo cool when you have it all sorted. When I am completely child-less during the days in September, I might have to come and see you!

  4. That looks awesome, Jeni. I'm so excited for you. Do you think you'll open up the studio/workshop to visitors? I don't know where in Oxfordshire you are, but as I'm smack in the middle, it can't be too far!

  5. I'm very excited you're in Oxfordshire. I'll be looking forward to Fyberspates open days.

  6. Hi Jeni, Please forgot what i said in my email today. I had no idea you where moving to oxfordshire so soon. I hope you can still let me have a place for the workshops in Se;pt. I can't wait to come. I will have to sleep on the grassas i don't have a room at a B&B. BTW the studio looks nice, I can't wait to see it here when its finished, it will be a fab place to work in. Tons of luck. Are you gonna paint your studio red and gold?? Very oriental.

  7. That looks amazing Missus!!!
    What a dream come true for you :D
    You really can let rip now.....oh goodness me, we are really in for some treats arn't we??
    Many hugs
    S xXx

  8. Woo hoo! Oxfordshire - right next to Berkshire. We gotta meet up some time (as if you weren't busy enough!)