Wednesday, 8 July 2009

units, moving blah blah blah

Cor, I am getting my blogging mojo back that's for sure, I think that's a good sign of internal excitement. I have been a tad miserable for the past 6 weeks I think because I don't do so well with uncertainty.

 Anyway I went, I saw, and I want.

Its proper industrial, lol, I even had to carefully stand infront of the wall so my father didn't read the rude jokes plastered to the office wall, clearly from the previous owner, and clearly they were all men. All I have to say is, its all industrial with big hairy men around the site, but, I am cheeky, rude, and not offended by anything unless someone critisises my lack of organisation, so I think I'll be just fine, lol, plus I am known for my dreadful swearing and ability to be totally innapropriate if nessasary. mwhahahahahahaa.

Disclaimer here, I don't swear all the time, infact, mom and pops can't abide swearing, so really mum, you didn't just read that, and ofcourse I never swear infront of my customers :)

I am rather excited though, I have to be honest, I want to make it sort of kind of warehouse chic, or something, if thats possible. I am moving the business today, temporarily to my mums, and then I hope tomorrow, the space will be sorted, and then its a massive cleaning operation to get it all clean and degreased, fresh coat of paint in some places, decobwebbed, really, it feels like something very special is happening, it will also mean that customers will be able to come and visit as well, as there is adequate parking, and there is enough room for sofa's and a small design studio/area too.

I want a huge pink sign that says "Fyberspates workshop and design studio" yay!!!!

Goodness, I have to concentrate on moving smoothly today, lol.

I might even have an opening weekend once its all gorgeous, so people can come.

breathe, breathe breathe,



  1. I was thinking about your warehouse last night and I think it will be ace. Like you say, you will be able to have a sofa area and showroom bit and plenty of space to do your stuff.
    And also I don't think you have anything to worry about being a girl on an industrial unit. There will also be plenty of blokes to help you out if you are stuck with anything ;)
    I'm excited for you :D

  2. Ooohh your excitement is infectious! Lucky you to have a blank canvas to work your design magic on - opening day sounds like a great idea, can't wait to see it! I've just bought a couple of interiors books from Amazon because I want to redo my living room, so my head is buzzing with ideas and plans - just wish I had 1200 square feet to play with!

  3. Am uber jealous - would love to have my house back and a biiig space to play in and decorate as I please. Have heaps of fun : ))

  4. am sure that once you have fluttered your eyes a few times , they will be forming a line to join your tree LOL !! Have fun it sounds a fab place xxx

  5. Huge congratulations, Jeni - exciting times. You've worked so hard for it. Wishing you all the best, Debbie xxx