Monday, 31 October 2005

When I say picture post.......

Ok, So it's been crazy and so struggled to squeeze in time to update. But found a spare half an hour and 'Oh my goodness' there are rather alot of pictures!

So lets start with the completion of ally pally. Here are some of the things I brought:

Yarn_colourways_122 This was from Touch yarns, I love this!

Yarn_colourways_123 Ahh, and so was this...Yarn_colourways_124 ...Um and so was this. See a pattern here?

I went back everyday for something new, I couldn't keep away, It wins the fyberspates award for best wool stall, apart from Get knitted ofcourse!

Here is Marnie stood proudly at her stall!


I did aquire a hank of cherry tree sock yarn, which was screaming at me for the whole show:


So now to non show things, I've been doing some dyeing inspired buy autumn and by my trip to the show:

Yarn_colourways_127 The silk boucle, and a very fine mohair, soon to be available from Getknitted, it is a limited edition yarn.

Then a couple of new colourways inspired by all the falling leaves in cardiff.


So what else? Working on a few patterns for the sock yarns, and fibres and blends for spinning will be available on my website soon, ooh and hopefully some hand spun scarf kits for christmas, here is a taster of the yarn you can expect:


Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Alexandra Palace knitting and stitching show Part 1!

Thanks to everyone that came and said hello to me! It was so much fun meeting people that actually read my blog! And it was so fabulous to meet Tracy, she looks even more fabulous than in her pictures.

I had the most amazing time, it was absolutely mad and so busy, but I did get to to make some woolly purchases which I'll blog about it part two.

One of my favorite things about the show is the exhibitions, there were the most amazing knitted things. My favorite was a huge saucy machine knitted magazine cover it was hilarious. Have a read!


My second favorite was the knitted furniture, I especially like knitted armchair, I'm sure I would make one of those, now if only I could find a pattern......


Table close up:




Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Ally pally here we come!

So, I'm just about to leave for the knitting and stitching show at ally pally, and here is a little picture of sage whilst I was packing earlier:


I think he wants to come with me.........

The yarns all finished and loaded in the car, by the time you read this I'll be on my way.

I'm on the Getknitted stall, Please come and say hello!!!

I'll be back monday with tonnes of pics etc.

Bye for now........

Sunday, 2 October 2005


Why did I start this blog in the first place?.... well one of the reasons was to document my knitting so I could record exactly all the things I knitted.

So breaking with tradition, I actually have some pictures ....

Firstly the Noro tank I was knitting a couple of posts ago. I need to get it knit in my DK for a sample for the knitting show in Alexandra Palace the week after next, and I need to check my instructions work, then it'll be available on the website.

I may ditch the frills and go with a moss stitch edging. It's a rather revealing jumper, I got tired of knitting frumpy things and fancied something a bit more fun.

Any thoughts?


OK, and for the cat lovers this is what sage thinks of it. Cheeky Boy!


Tracy very kindly knitted up some socks in a new colour (pink grape fruit) for me, (she will get them back, I'm not that cruel). They are so cute, she is a master sock knitter!

If you click her name you can see them on.

Here they are: