Monday, 31 October 2005

When I say picture post.......

Ok, So it's been crazy and so struggled to squeeze in time to update. But found a spare half an hour and 'Oh my goodness' there are rather alot of pictures!

So lets start with the completion of ally pally. Here are some of the things I brought:

Yarn_colourways_122 This was from Touch yarns, I love this!

Yarn_colourways_123 Ahh, and so was this...Yarn_colourways_124 ...Um and so was this. See a pattern here?

I went back everyday for something new, I couldn't keep away, It wins the fyberspates award for best wool stall, apart from Get knitted ofcourse!

Here is Marnie stood proudly at her stall!


I did aquire a hank of cherry tree sock yarn, which was screaming at me for the whole show:


So now to non show things, I've been doing some dyeing inspired buy autumn and by my trip to the show:

Yarn_colourways_127 The silk boucle, and a very fine mohair, soon to be available from Getknitted, it is a limited edition yarn.

Then a couple of new colourways inspired by all the falling leaves in cardiff.


So what else? Working on a few patterns for the sock yarns, and fibres and blends for spinning will be available on my website soon, ooh and hopefully some hand spun scarf kits for christmas, here is a taster of the yarn you can expect:


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