Friday, 29 January 2010

Special day - wholesale launch

OK, today is kind of special, I have been planning for ages how to move my business forward and grow it, how to make it run smoother etc and manageable, and I think I might have cracked it.

Today I have launched my new wholesale initiative, basically, its  a stock service of  hand dyed yarns, in one off colours, which are not repeatable, BUT there is ALOT, lol, I know for the shops I sell to0, its going to make an easy and fun for them order, there is a realy great choice, and this going to be constantly refreshed and renewed, shops can order one day and recieve their yarn the next, not bad huh? I am lucky to have my very hard working assistant to help me make it happen.

So I am finishing off the last bits, I have a few more products to go on, which should only take this morning, and then I shall do the normal shop update this afternoon :)

Go take a look at the wholesale section .....hehe 

Some little pics of some of the shelves hehe x


Wholesale friday 002
Thats Brian Stock checking some of the yarn, hehe!!
Wholesale friday 005

Wholesale friday 006 

OK, enough of me being proud


Tuesday, 26 January 2010


As you might gather, I'm not one for standing still, but at the moment it feels like things are changing loads, more sort of deep down, which inevitably has practical effects. But they are all good. I am learning to be more assertive, be more organised, stop being scared, not that lots of people ever think that about me, but even though I do lots of stuff half the time it challenges me to hell to do it and I certainly don't do things without feeling the fear that's for sure.

So this weekend was one of those feel the fear weekend and say things that had to be said, and do things that had to be done, but amongst the difficult bits I realised what amazingly wonderful people I am surrounded by, I totally cherish my lodgers like you wouldn't believe, I know we will be friends forever, I love Princi for her amazingly wise words and wonderful non judgementalness, and her ability to make me laugh at EVERYTHING, and my little brother who completely inspires me, and is also very wise and sweet and wonderful.

In addition work is so exciting, I love coming to work now and having someone to work with, we have the greatest chats while we work about all sorts of things, Brian is a very interesting guy, and my goodness, he works SO hard, lol.

OH and finally I joined a gym, and I went for the first time last night, it was totally intimidating, but I feel so good today, I think I might get a bit addicted to it......


Friday, 22 January 2010

Shop update sparkle sparkle

MWHAHAHAHAH! I got some sparkle sock in this morning finally, and I dyed some for the shop update. Having someone helping kind of means you can mess about alot more and try things, things I never used to have time for, we decided to see if we could dye some of the self striping in panels and then make them tidy so people can knit straight from the panel instead, and it works really well, everytime we do a new batch it gets better and better!!

This is called little foxes:

Wholesale pics 072

And, because there is no rewinding and steaming, it means I can sell them at a much better price, so these are 13.50 for 100gms, I love em, also the way its dyed means we do 5 at a time so its perfect for jumpers as well as socks!!!

There is also some well nice sparkle fibre in midnight, I might have to nab some haha! So things are crazy, we had loads of deliveries today with shelving and stuff, and despite the fact we are knee deep in work I am really really enjoying it all, I feel like I have the help I need to make things happen again, I will take pics of the shelves once we have got some yarn on it, stupid I know but I feel proud *blush*


Wednesday, 20 January 2010


hahaha, I am clearly out of blog titles today. We are working like anything to get all of the yarn dyed for the wholesale launch next Friday, plus getting everything else done. I had to buy lots of new equipment because the old stuff is just giving up with the pressure we are putting on them, but still, we have rows of shiny new vats, the biggest steamer on the planet, and some other machines haha. More shelves than I can count, and all the yarns are in gorgeous tidy packets, it looks so professional, I am a little bit proud it has to be said!!!

If you have a fav LYS who you would like to retail my yarn please leave me a comment and I can send them on the info.

Also prepping for fridays update, trying to get the sparkle up there too, and loads more fibres :)


Friday, 15 January 2010

Shop update 15th of Jan 2010

OK the shop update will be taking place at 1pm this afternoon, it'll all go on at lunch, and there will also be the Fyberspates monster hunt as well around 3ish too, it will include lots of goodies and sparkle fibres, ohh! and keep your eye on the sale pages, we are still adding things on to it, there are quite alot of things to get through.

We (proudly mean the fyberspates team) are working really hard to get ready for the launch of the wholesale initiative at the end of the month, and we are managing to dye plenty, but unfortunately, every single new piece of equipment that I ordered before christmas has not been delivered because of the snow, and all the current equipment is giving up, and there was no water for the past three weeks or heating, so any yarn you buy today will be dyed using snow, how cool is that huh???? That is down to my very hard working assistant who is army trained and clearly the lack of water, heating and equipement is no barrier, I would totally have got fed up by now, but he is dyeing some absolute treats!!!!

We do have heating and water again now though so we are actually able to take out coats off and I can type!! haha!

Anyway, guess what? I have decided I want to do the wholesale show in Koln Germany in March, and also TNNA in the USA in the summer, with the scrumptious and with the hand dyed, thats pretty exciting for me, because I have wanted to expand for ages, but sometimes it takes the right kind of help to come along and alot of planning and getting financial stuff right. I have an some business training at the weekend from mr wool, sometimes I feel like his apprentice, its so cool.

OK so thats all, I am in a cracking mood, wish I could blab about all the scandle that goes on sometimes in the yarn world, I will write a book when I retire.

Happy knitting cherubs


Monday, 11 January 2010

Sparkle fibre....

Ok medarlins, I have a gorgeous treat for you fibre lovers on Friday......

Yup, you know the sparkle sock??? Well I got some sparkle fibre too, ooooh yes superwash merino, silk, nylon and sterling silver. And I got lots, I have already dyed some up, and will preview it here once its dried.

I might even take some home to spin with me, :P


Friday, 8 January 2010

Sale part - 2

Ok, so I managed to get into work yesterday for a few hours, but the workshop was about 2 degrees and we were struggling in the end. Brian did melt snow for the vats though!!! How cool is that!!!???

So I bought all the things home to photograph for the sale so lets say it'll go on abou  12.30ish, there are loads more mixed yarn packs, the sparkly cashmere and lurex, and the normal update too,  ;)

Oh and here is Eric....

Sale items 028

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sale - contintues friday

OK we are snowed in, and there is no way I can get to work, hopefully tomorrow ;)

But there are somethings on there, alot of it has sold, but I have ALOT more to go on, so I think its safest to say friday instead, seeing as I am not sure I will make it tomorrow either......

Happy snowman building ;)

I will post my pic of mine later once I have left this on there to let everyone know...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lifes little treasures

Hard to describe what I mean by that, lol, sometimes, people make me smile alot, those are my favourite treasures; someones enthusiasm which reminds me of my own, or making me giggle.

Those are the things that are making me smile today.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Holidays and a january sale

So my first proper holiday for years and um what happened????

1. I was so sick I slept through most of it,

2. I got some weird crap happening to my gums and its so painful I want to scream

3. My unit got broken into, and to add I have no heating, or WATER.

4. and a load other crap which I don't want to talk about.

5. oh and I have completely lost my knitting mojo, even some noro didn't fix it.

So I am never ever ever taking a holiday again, ever ever ever.

However, even though i was sick I did have a totally lovely time with Mr Wool, Amanda, Phil, Jo and mom and pops and my brother, and I got some lush presents which I LOVED so much. All you guys made it so much more fun, and especially Mr wool who managed to make me laugh through my misery.

However, to celebrate my return to work I am having a sale. 12pm lunchtime on Wednesday, got lots of mixed packs of things and all sorts of treats, we are clearing space for storage for the new wholesale section yippee!!

Plus I have redetermined my efforts to take over the world as I have a very clear plan for my business this year and its grow grow grow.

love ya ;)