Monday, 4 January 2010

Holidays and a january sale

So my first proper holiday for years and um what happened????

1. I was so sick I slept through most of it,

2. I got some weird crap happening to my gums and its so painful I want to scream

3. My unit got broken into, and to add I have no heating, or WATER.

4. and a load other crap which I don't want to talk about.

5. oh and I have completely lost my knitting mojo, even some noro didn't fix it.

So I am never ever ever taking a holiday again, ever ever ever.

However, even though i was sick I did have a totally lovely time with Mr Wool, Amanda, Phil, Jo and mom and pops and my brother, and I got some lush presents which I LOVED so much. All you guys made it so much more fun, and especially Mr wool who managed to make me laugh through my misery.

However, to celebrate my return to work I am having a sale. 12pm lunchtime on Wednesday, got lots of mixed packs of things and all sorts of treats, we are clearing space for storage for the new wholesale section yippee!!

Plus I have redetermined my efforts to take over the world as I have a very clear plan for my business this year and its grow grow grow.

love ya ;)



  1. You poor thing! Hope you're on the mend a bit now. Gums are horrid things, but using Oraldene (to my utter amazement), as recommended by my Dentist, did seem to clear it up when I had something similar, especially combined with using those little christmas tree / bottle type brushes! Looking forward to Wednesday midday, even if I have to do my shopping while my client is here - he can sign letters without me, can't he?!

  2. Eeek. And what sort of creep would break into your unit, unless it was someone who couldn't make it over the holiday season without some Fyberspates yarn - that I could understand.
    Get well soon, and happy new year!

  3. Oh no..what a horrible start to the year. It can only get better surely!
    I lose my knitting mojo from time to time and swear that I will never start it up again but I always do...usually 2 projects at a time!
    Hope your gums feel better soon, I use an aloe vera and bee propolis tootpaste which is great at treating sore gums an infections.