Friday, 22 January 2010

Shop update sparkle sparkle

MWHAHAHAHAH! I got some sparkle sock in this morning finally, and I dyed some for the shop update. Having someone helping kind of means you can mess about alot more and try things, things I never used to have time for, we decided to see if we could dye some of the self striping in panels and then make them tidy so people can knit straight from the panel instead, and it works really well, everytime we do a new batch it gets better and better!!

This is called little foxes:

Wholesale pics 072

And, because there is no rewinding and steaming, it means I can sell them at a much better price, so these are 13.50 for 100gms, I love em, also the way its dyed means we do 5 at a time so its perfect for jumpers as well as socks!!!

There is also some well nice sparkle fibre in midnight, I might have to nab some haha! So things are crazy, we had loads of deliveries today with shelving and stuff, and despite the fact we are knee deep in work I am really really enjoying it all, I feel like I have the help I need to make things happen again, I will take pics of the shelves once we have got some yarn on it, stupid I know but I feel proud *blush*


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  1. Sounds great:-) and I would love to see your shelves.