Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sale - contintues friday

OK we are snowed in, and there is no way I can get to work, hopefully tomorrow ;)

But there are somethings on there, alot of it has sold, but I have ALOT more to go on, so I think its safest to say friday instead, seeing as I am not sure I will make it tomorrow either......

Happy snowman building ;)

I will post my pic of mine later once I have left this on there to let everyone know...


  1. hi Jeni,
    Looked at the sale bags and they look lovely but am i correct in thinking that you only have 'black' left? The other coloured bags on the site either say out of stock or there is simply no option to put them in one's basket.

  2. Hi Annette
    There are more bags to go on tomorrow, probably about 12 ish
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