Tuesday, 26 January 2010


As you might gather, I'm not one for standing still, but at the moment it feels like things are changing loads, more sort of deep down, which inevitably has practical effects. But they are all good. I am learning to be more assertive, be more organised, stop being scared, not that lots of people ever think that about me, but even though I do lots of stuff half the time it challenges me to hell to do it and I certainly don't do things without feeling the fear that's for sure.

So this weekend was one of those feel the fear weekend and say things that had to be said, and do things that had to be done, but amongst the difficult bits I realised what amazingly wonderful people I am surrounded by, I totally cherish my lodgers like you wouldn't believe, I know we will be friends forever, I love Princi for her amazingly wise words and wonderful non judgementalness, and her ability to make me laugh at EVERYTHING, and my little brother who completely inspires me, and is also very wise and sweet and wonderful.

In addition work is so exciting, I love coming to work now and having someone to work with, we have the greatest chats while we work about all sorts of things, Brian is a very interesting guy, and my goodness, he works SO hard, lol.

OH and finally I joined a gym, and I went for the first time last night, it was totally intimidating, but I feel so good today, I think I might get a bit addicted to it......



  1. yes you do seem a bit fearless but well done for trying to actually be fearless too!

  2. I need to fight the fear more often. I think it probably holds me back, and I think there's a lot to say for building confidence by 'faking it until you make it'.

  3. exactly, infact, if I feel like i am fearing something, i know I have
    to do it, lol!
    ypepad@sixapart.com wrote:

  4. Joining the gym is always a good idea. I went t gym and did Aerobics for 4 years and I lost loads of weight, pity I did not keep it up. Keep on going its a good habit to get into.