Friday, 15 January 2010

Shop update 15th of Jan 2010

OK the shop update will be taking place at 1pm this afternoon, it'll all go on at lunch, and there will also be the Fyberspates monster hunt as well around 3ish too, it will include lots of goodies and sparkle fibres, ohh! and keep your eye on the sale pages, we are still adding things on to it, there are quite alot of things to get through.

We (proudly mean the fyberspates team) are working really hard to get ready for the launch of the wholesale initiative at the end of the month, and we are managing to dye plenty, but unfortunately, every single new piece of equipment that I ordered before christmas has not been delivered because of the snow, and all the current equipment is giving up, and there was no water for the past three weeks or heating, so any yarn you buy today will be dyed using snow, how cool is that huh???? That is down to my very hard working assistant who is army trained and clearly the lack of water, heating and equipement is no barrier, I would totally have got fed up by now, but he is dyeing some absolute treats!!!!

We do have heating and water again now though so we are actually able to take out coats off and I can type!! haha!

Anyway, guess what? I have decided I want to do the wholesale show in Koln Germany in March, and also TNNA in the USA in the summer, with the scrumptious and with the hand dyed, thats pretty exciting for me, because I have wanted to expand for ages, but sometimes it takes the right kind of help to come along and alot of planning and getting financial stuff right. I have an some business training at the weekend from mr wool, sometimes I feel like his apprentice, its so cool.

OK so thats all, I am in a cracking mood, wish I could blab about all the scandle that goes on sometimes in the yarn world, I will write a book when I retire.

Happy knitting cherubs



  1. The peach angora yarn is my fave but it says its been found I'd love some of this as it would really suit me very well, I'm thinking of knitting a shawl or a little lace top.
    I hope all goes well in Germany and USA, world domination is not far off eh, he, he??? good LUCK

  2. PS I forgot to add, using snow is a jolly good idea, you just won't be beat eh? Jolly good show, keep it coming. Well done.