Friday, 29 January 2010

Special day - wholesale launch

OK, today is kind of special, I have been planning for ages how to move my business forward and grow it, how to make it run smoother etc and manageable, and I think I might have cracked it.

Today I have launched my new wholesale initiative, basically, its  a stock service of  hand dyed yarns, in one off colours, which are not repeatable, BUT there is ALOT, lol, I know for the shops I sell to0, its going to make an easy and fun for them order, there is a realy great choice, and this going to be constantly refreshed and renewed, shops can order one day and recieve their yarn the next, not bad huh? I am lucky to have my very hard working assistant to help me make it happen.

So I am finishing off the last bits, I have a few more products to go on, which should only take this morning, and then I shall do the normal shop update this afternoon :)

Go take a look at the wholesale section .....hehe 

Some little pics of some of the shelves hehe x


Wholesale friday 002
Thats Brian Stock checking some of the yarn, hehe!!
Wholesale friday 005

Wholesale friday 006 

OK, enough of me being proud



  1. Oh, Jen, what fabulous colours! And how much is there on those shelves? You've been busy!

  2. Looks great sweetie.......
    Hope you sell out every week :D
    You deserve it to be uber successful, 'cos you work so hard......
    S xXx

  3. WOWEE!!!!! What a lot of stash. I thought I had a lot, but your stash is Massive and such lovely colours too.

  4. Hope your business getting better and better.